Friday, 13 April 2012

S14 Ep.1: Thomas' Tall Friend

After 'Misty Island Rescue' came out in late 2010 on DVD and Blu-Ray, Season 14 made its debut in the UK's 'milkshake' channel in October 2010. This is the only time that Series 13 and 14 played together in one year. So I'll be reviewing all 20 episodes from Series 14. But first...


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK):

Thomas must deliver a giraffe to the Animal Park, 
but is too excited to wait for its keeper.

- It's great to see Stanley's return as a cameo
- The Giraffe is animated nicely and realistically 
- Edward being back in old persona, but sadly for two episodes.
- The book at the end was a surprise to see at first.

'They have never seen a giraffe before', I know there hasn't been a giraffe before in these two episodes, but, wouldn't they know once since 'Henry and The Elephant' or 'Thomas and The Circus'?
- I hate how the way Thomas calls everything 'Mr.' we all know Toad did it before, but Toad doesn't say 'Mr.' to an animal or a some wind or even an inflatable snowman.
- If the giraffe was the tallest animal on Sodor, how come it came to the docks and not living at a wildlife park on Sodor?
- How did Thomas and the Giraffe turn around when they were leaving the docks?
- The giraffe would be unsuitable to travel like in episode.

I have to say this is another weak opener. First with the pro's, it was great to see Stanley returning, but we don't get to see him speak until the next season, I love how the animators animated the animals making them looking so real. I did remember hearing people saying the Edward is back in his old persona, I do agree with that, but sadly it only last with two episodes, this and 'Charlie and Eddie' and the book at the end was a surprise to see. But even with those pros it is still a weak opener the fourteenth series. 

I hate it how the way the episode says that the engines have never seen a giraffe before, yet, there could some in 'Henry and The Elephant' and 'Thomas and The Circus'. I also don't like how Thomas called everything 'Mr.' like Giraffe and other episodes such as wind in 'Topped Off Thomas' and 'Thomas' Frosty Friend'. It would be unsuitable for a giraffe or any animal to travel on a train like that. There are no cables attached to the crate and also why is there a low bridge on the way to the animal park? wouldn't there be any other way? But this episode is weak, but if anyone likes it, that's great, but I'm not into this episode that much. 

Rating: 1/5