Tuesday, 10 April 2012

S13 Ep: 15 Splish Splash Splosh


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK):

Thomas and Rosie are shunting when Thomas invents a game that involves splashing engines by racing through puddles. Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas to have a washdown before collecting himself 
and Alicia Botti.

- At least James care about his job and not being obsessed over his red paint, but even that won't save the episode from being bad.

- When I see a shunting yard in real life, through railway DVDs, books and the classical Thomas episodes, I see engines pushing trucks in order and in right sidings. Not just bashing trucks all over the place, it's not even a playground! 

- I hate the tracks in this episode, its surrounded by puddles! The ballast would've washed away and wouldn't it drain out by now since their is no rain? 

- Where are the tarpaulins on the trucks? 

- The episode highly repetitive with Thomas saying about engine X would love his game and will have to go to the wash down.

- The puddle that splashed all over the Fat Controller and Alicia Botti, highly unrealistic and it broken the law of gravity. 

- How did the 'big puddle' get into Thomas's fire box when it landed all over the Fat Controller and Alicia Botti, I don't know?

I have no idea what I was watching, the rain water was done well by the animators so I give credit to them. But this episode is highly unrealistic and stupid that this has to go down as one of the worst Thomas episodes in the Miller era. First off, I hate the shunting yards, why have it in the show when there are sidings in harbours, the sheds and even at stations! (eg. Wellsworth, Knapford) At least during the model era of Thomas when it was under control by HIT Entertainment, in the episode 'Dream On' they actually show Thomas just gently shunting trucks and Spencer's special coaches in the siding at the shunting yard and not just bumping them hard. They can break with the wood is weak. The puddles and the big splash, highly unrealistic, the engines wheels will rust and wouldn't they close the railway due to flooding? There is only ONE positive thing in this episode and that is James actually caring for his work then being obsessed over his red paint. But sadly that one positive outlook didn't save the episode from being purely bad! 

Children may like this episode, but for the fans who liked Thomas since the beginning, don't watch it.

Rating: 0/5