Monday, 16 April 2012

S14 Ep: 4 Charlie and Eddie


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK):

Edward tries to show Charlie that he is a fun engine instead of delivering the Fat Controller's car to a mechanic.

- The chase scene with Bertie did bring a nostalgic moment of 'Bertie's Chase'.
- I was watching the US version of this episode and I have to say 
Charlie's recent voice in Season 16 is much more better then this one in the episode

- Edward was wise about his job at first and then after that
Charlie have accused him for being old to be fun, he's out of character again.
- The plot is very similar to 'Play Time'.
- Why put a funnel in car? What are the IQ's of the workmen at the Steamworks?
- Why did the Fat Controller blame Edward instead of Charlie for what happened to his car?

Edward has always been claimed as an old but wise engine in the Railway Series and the TV series. He was determined about his job until Charlie appeared and you'll know that this episode is going down the drain. I hate it how Charlie accused Edward of not being 'fun' when really Edward wouldn't even care about having fun, just doing his normal jobs is more important. I hate how the Fat Controller accused Edward for what happened to his car when really it was Charlie's fault for not letting Edward going to the mechanic on time! The Fat Controller would've trusted Edward instead of accusing him. 

Then again, some CGI episodes does leave some nostalgic easter eggs, by accident or just for fun, we had the Original Thomas theme in 'Percy and The Calliope' and in this episode it reminded us about 'Bertie's Chase' when Edward and Charlie were chasing Bertie who had the mechanic. Another thing, while I was watching the US version on YouTube, since I couldn't find the UK one and while I was writing this review at work, I can't download the updated Adobe player on Dailymotion, where the UK version is. But anyway hearing Charlie's US voice in this episode and then hearing his recent one in 'Race To The Rescue' I actually like his recent voice more then his old one. He sounds more like an adult with his S13 - S15 voice. Despite that I never like Charlie since his debut and that Edward is out of character in this episode, this one is an OK, but it need some work and a better plot. This felt like 'Play Time'. 

Rating: 2/5