Sunday, 1 April 2012


Above: 3526 ready for departure from Thirlmere

Outside of my YouTube Thomas fandom life, I have an interest in steam locomotives, thanks too a wonderful vicar and his blue engine. I live in New South Wales, Australia and I visit this little country town called Thirlmere, home of the NSW Rail Transport Museum, now called 'Trainworks'. Usually I film there steam locomotives when they provide shuttle trips from Thirlmere - Buxton on an old loop line. And sometimes I travel around parts of the state to film there steam engines on the main line.

I've started this little channel when I collected some old VHS tapes made by 'RowlingStock Productions' from Parramatta in 2008. They have a variety of videos, mainly from New South Wales, Victoria and some in Europe and America. Sadly, they're out of business, but you can still buy there DVDs at the Australian Railway Historical Society NSW Division (ARHS NSW) bookshop at Sydney Central station or over thier website, which is right here. With there old VHS tapes, well, you can find them at model railway shows in Australia or on eBay (if you're lucky). The videos that I've been more interested in were the 'Railway Panorama' videos, giving us steam, diesel and electric locomotives from 1989 - 1990's, even some videos have 4472 'Flying Scotsman' on during its time in Australia during its 1989 tour.

My videos were on my former channel, TMRReturns, in 2009. Afterwards, I made a new channel in time for the 1st anniversary in 2010. The channel is still around as 'RailAroundNSW'. I'm just uploading my first video for 2012 onto YouTube which is about the first two events that they've held in early March. All my videos from 2010 - today are all provided below. Enjoy!