Friday, 30 March 2012

S13 Ep: 3 Tickled Pink


Written by Allan Plenderleith
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK):

The Fat Controller sends James to the Sodor Steamworks for a new coat of paint. Emily has broken down while picking up Bridget Hatt to take her to a birthday party and no other engine is available, so Sir Topham Hatt has to send James who is still painted in his pink undercoat.

- This episode has a sense of railway realism with James having an undercoat and it is of course the right colour for the red paint, I'll explain that later. 

- Despite that this had one sense of realism (the undercoat) , James can't just get one undercoat. 
- The lack of coaches for Gordon. It's a good thing they added more in S16.
- It would be obvious for Diesel to see James behind some coal trucks.
- Then again, the typical three strikes formula.

Despite the flaws this episode had to deal with, it is one of the episodes that I enjoyed. There is only one sense of realism in this episode which is of course the pink undercoat. As mentioned in my 'Pros', this for the people who are not much of a railway enthusiast. If you watch 'Central Steam', a documentary about the 'Great Central Railway' in Loughborough, there is a ex-LMS 3F 'Jinty' being restored and when they were giving the painting stages, the buffer beam is painted in the same colour as James' underpaint, so thumbs up for that. 

As mentioned in my cons, James can't have one undercoat. When my dad and I were at the NSW Rail Transport Museum in Australia, they were re-comissioning a brand new diesel locomotive and the person who was in charge mentioned that several undercoats have to be made. My dad later told me that if one undercoat is painted on, it would burn off. 

Many fans have complained about the lack of coaches that Gordon hauled, thankfully they added more in S15 and S16. But as mentioned before, I enjoyed this episode, with a nice nostalgic thought of 'Henry Sees Red' from the Railway Series book 'Henry and The Express' by Christopher Awdry. 

Rating: 4/5

Thursday, 29 March 2012

S13 Ep: 2 The Lion of Sodor


Written by Mark Robertson
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK): 

Thomas is given the job of transporting a crate containing a very special statue called The Lion of Sodor. However, he thinks his cargo is a real lion, so he decides to take extra care of it. 


- Like I said in my Season 16 reviews, the engines' crews are now the hands of the engines.
- Thomas' driver has to be an idiot for feeding a lion syrup.
- Thomas and Percy would've known about the statue as they have been on the railway longer then Toby and Cranky.
- Why does every engine from the 'Steam Team' have a special, should they think about the passengers that are just wondering up and down the station?

There are no positives things about this episode. It's just stupid! Why would Thomas' driver put straw, syrup and fish in the crate when really he should know about the statue. Thomas would've obviously know about the statue since he was the first engine, along with Edward, to arrive on Sodor. I give credit for the animation, but it is no excuse how ridiculous this episode's writing is. 

Rating: 1/5

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

DVD REVIEW: Up Up and Away!

Thomas & Friends
Up, Up & Away 

Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Release date:

- Up, Up and Away
- Wonky Whistle
- Kevin The Steamie
- Emily and Dash


Well, we sat through it when the series was on air in early 2011 and now we witness them again now on DVD. Now before judging, I've only bought the DVD because of the special features and the animation of the show. The writing of the fifthteenth series is were I agree with many fans, terrible. 'Up, Up and Away' and 'Wonky Whistle' are the only two episodes that I don't like. 'Wonky Whistle' is a rarity for me as that is the episode I hate with a passion and its rare for me that I hate one Thomas episode because of bad writing.
I will be discussing these episodes in some coming months in my series 15 review and they won't be pretty, especially the first two episodes on this DVD. However, the special features are enjoyable.

First off is 'Down at The Station' where we see real steam locomotives from a real heritage railway. This time we see the fireman and his duties. I like these segments, they are worth watching and can teach children about different kinds of jobs on a railway. The other special feature is the 'Guess Who'. These are good for children as the character are really noticeable.  

The Mr. Perkins segements are enjoyable to watch and he teaches in one segment on how to grow vegetables and brings some comic relief for the young ones.



Children at the target age group will enjoy this DVD, but not to the older Thomas fans. If you don't like these poorly written episodes, don't buy it. I know there are four episodes on this DVD, but like I said before, the quality of animation and the special features are the only reason why I buy these.

S13 Ep.1: Creaky Cranky

In 2007, HIT Entertainment were in financial trouble and so the decision was made to turn their shows like 'Bob The Builder', 'Angelina Ballerina', 'Fireman Sam' and even 'Thomas & Friends'  into CGI. Sodor Island announced the news a year later when 'The Sun' newspaper announced it. Like many fans I was filled with anger over the decision but after seeing the S12 picture on Nitrogen Studio's website, lead by Railway Series fan Greg Tiernan, I decided to give them a chance and afterwards, they won me over.

2009 saw the full switchover with 'Hero of The Rails' debuting Nitrogen's contribution. The following year was a new decade, the 2010's, the year when the Railway Series turned 65 years old. The first series by Nitrogen, Series 13 was on air and....It didn't turn out well by the fans. Not by animation, but by the writing style and today I'll be reviewing episodes from S13 each day. But first:


The first episode that we're going to look first is:

 Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK):

It is the day of the spring party at the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House. Thomas arrives at Brendam Docks to collect eggs for the children to paint when he sees James and Henry leaving with their loads for the party. Once Cranky unloads the box of eggs, Thomas teases Cranky by calling him "Creaky Cranky", and Cranky teases Thomas back by calling him "Tiny Thomas".

- The animation did well in its debut 

- This has to be one of the weakest openers that I ever seen.
- The plot is of course the 'typical three strikes your out' formula.
-I'm pretty sure one flatbed of straw bales would be easy for Thomas to push. 
- The alliteration is bad like 'With a creak and a crank and a crank and a creak'. 
- Cranky still manages to bring Thomas down onto the tracks with one of the cables broken? Wouldn't that make Thomas derail when he is lowered?
- I don't think a full flatbed of part is going fix that one cable from Cranky's arm? 

This episode, in my opinion is one of the weakest episodes. The only positive thing about this episode is the quality of animation by the dedicated team at Nitrogen Studios. The episode, by its writing has many problems. Yes, the typical three strikes, the alliteration and some unrealistic moments. There could be some people who like this episode, but I'm one of those people who don't. 

Rating:  1/5

Monday, 26 March 2012

DVD Review: The Best of Thomas & Friends Volume 1


I remember finding this DVD out of nowhere at a Kmart store back in 2010 and strangley it was never advertised everywhere on the internet and yet they advertised it in 2011. Strange? But anyway, I bought this DVD at a Toys 'R' Us store back in late 2011 as TTTE Wikia have said in 'Trivia' section of this item that there are a few episodes that have been restored from 1st-3rd seasons. The episode that have been restored and episodes that the DVD contains as followed:

- Thomas & Gordon
- Edward & Gordon (Restored)
- Thomas & The Breakdown Train
- James & The Coaches
- Thomas, Terence & The Snow (Restored)
- Bertie's Chase (Restored)
- Percy & The Signal (Restored)
- Dirty Work
- Ghost Train
- Thomas Gets Bumped (Restored)
- Thomas, Percy & The Dragon
- Trust Thomas
- Edward, Trevor & The Really Useful Party (Restored)
- Buzz, Buzz
- Sleeping Beauty 
- Thomas and Stepney
- Paint Pots & Queens
- Thomas and The Special Letter
- Cranky Bugs
- Stepney Gets Lost
- Rusty and The Boulder
- A Bad Day For Harold The Helicopter
- It's Only Snow
- Scaredy Engines
- James and The Red Balloon 

26 episodes on one DVD for about $24.99 on the ABC shop website. Six episodes are released in their restored state and the rest are in 4:9 full screen and the season six episodes are in 16:9 widescreen, this is the only Australian DVD to have the restored episodes and the 16:9 widescreen S6 episodes. Is this DVD well worth the money? Of course. If you're looking for some quality entertainment for your children then this is the DVD for you.

Rating: 5/5 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

15 Years....

Wow, has it been 15 years? Four days ago, it has been 15 years since we lost the Rev.W.Awdry in 1997. This man brought us the joy of his characters through his books known as 'The Railway Series'. His books have always been entertaining to read with the realistic pictures of his characters. The books have been turned into a hit TV show in 1984 produced by Britt Allcroft, David Mitton and narrated by Ringo Starr. Sadly in 1997, the Reverened grew old and have passed away at the age of 85.

R.I.P Rev.W.Awdry
'Puff Puff Parson'
(1911 - 1997)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

DVD Review: きかんしゃトーマス ようこそソドー島へ たのしいなかま初登場編

きかんしゃトーマス ようこそソドー島へ たのしいなかま初登場編
Release Date:

I now have two Thomas DVDs from Japan. The first one, which I'll review later is called 'きかんしゃトーマス大集合!! みんなぼくに のりにおいでよ' which showcases many things in Japan with Thomas content with their theme parks (Thomas Land and Thomas Town), trains, buses etc. This one, that I'll be reviewing has six episodes from Seasons 2, 5, 6 and 7 and a little documentary of all the engines on Sodor from the classic series and new series of Thomas the Tank Engine. 

It's actually interesting to buy Thomas DVDs coming from Japan as their content is always interesting to see with their DVD menus and covers. The cover shows pictures from the Series 1 - 9 all photoshopped together including some rare angles from the early years of Thomas like 'Break Van'. 

The episodes that are provided here are:

- Duck Takes Charge
- Cranky Bugs
- Salty's Secret 
- Elizabeth The Vintage Lorry
- Emily's New Coaches 
- The Spotless Record

All narrated by Leo Morimoto. It's hard to find restored episode from the first three seasons of Thomas. Australia only has the restored Season one episodes on iTunes and a few of Season 2 and 3 on 'The Best of Thomas & Friends Vol. 1' DVD , America only has the first season on 'The Early Years' DVD, England as restored episode on 'The Best of's Thomas, James and Percy' DVDs and 'Thomas and The Missing Christmas Tree' from a Newspaper offer back in 2009, here there is one and that is 'Duck Takes Charge', which is here. While England have the S6 and S7 episodes in 16:9 widescreen, Australia also have the 16:9 widescreen for the seventh season, Japan has the 4:3 full screen episode for both, which can be found on the US DVDs. 

After the episodes, we're given a documentary of all the characters that have been introduced on Thomas from S1-9 including 'City of Truro', despite him not being one of the Fat Controller's engines. The documentary contains some footage from S1-S3 with restored footage. 

The language feature is only in Japanese, but I think many of the hardcore Thomas fans would understand the episode anyway since we've them many times before. But it was great seeing voice actors doing the show for the Japanese audiences' and they do have enthusiasm for the engines giving their personalities. Leo Morimoto did provide some smooth narration. Now for the pricing:

This DVD cost me, on Amazon Jp:

¥ 2,229

According to XE, these are the prices of how much this DVD cost from their own country. 

ENGLAND:  £17.05
AMERICA: $27.06
CANADA: $27.01

Is this DVD worth the money with six episodes and one special feature? Well if you know the Japanese language then it will worth it, if you're interested in seeing some Japanese Thomas content like me, well it's a treat for Thomas fans alike.

I'm still in plans to buy more, but maybe in a few weeks or months. 


Monday, 19 March 2012

Alan Pegler (1921 - 2012)

Sorry that I haven't made a blog for a while, but life gets in the way of things. But reviews are coming soon so don't worry. However, I do like to write about someone who inspired the railway preservation community by preserving a world famous steam locomotive that is now going under a full restoration project at York and a wonderful scenic view of Ffestiniog Railway in Wales. This man is named, Alan Pegler.

Today on Facebook, it was announced that Alan Pegler have passed away today at age 91. For those people who don't know about this man, here is a little history lesson about him.

Alan Pegler was the first owner of the 'Flying Scotsman' since 1963 and his ownership ended in 1972 after the engine's ill-fated trip to America due to finance problems. Earlier in 1954, Alan Pegler was also the saviour of the 'Ffestiniog Railway' in the Welsh Highlands. I look up to this man when it comes to railway preservation and I'm proud for what he did for the whole of Britain, even though I'm from Australia. It's a sad thought that he never got the chance to see the Flying Scotsman in action once again. I give all my love and support to the Pegler family and I hope that the National Railway Museum will give this man the honour when his legendary engine returns to steam.

Alan Pegler
(1921 - 2012)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Overall For Season 16


Since that Season 16 has now come to an end here in Australia, despite that their is an episode delay until Christmas and that England are showing, 'Sodor Surprise Day' on Channel 5's mikshake! Here is my Overall review on the Sixteenth series of Thomas & Friends. 

I actually enjoyed this season. It was certainly better then Season 15, despite that the writing style. There were some moments that older Thomas fans found nostalgic such as 'Express Coming Through' and 'Percy and The Calliope'. With those two episode there were moments like Thomas hauling the express (Express Coming Through) and hearing a rendition of the classical Thomas the Tank Engine theme song on the Calliope (Percy and The Calliope) and me personally, 'Whiff's Wish', the opening was realistic with the engines and their jobs and of course the mention of 'The Flying Kipper'. 

Looking back at the S15 episode, I have to say that this season, S16, pulls it out of the water. But there have been some flaws and their was alliteration and rhyming from Michael Angelis, some characters persona's were ruined, such as Edward and Toby. The new character, Stafford, was interesting and it was great seeing the Skarloey Railway engines again in full CGI. 

Rating for S16: 4.5/5

Before Nitrogen's contribution of Thomas comes to an end in December, here is to Andrew Brenner, the new head writer, we're looking forward to the new changes of Thomas & Friends in Season 17 and also to Arc Production, we're also looking forward to the brand new animation that you'll be providing for the new seasons and DVD specials.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

S16 Ep: 20 Happy Birthday Sir!

And so we come to an end of an era. The end of Sharon Miller's era as Head Writer and sadly, the end of Nitrogen's contribution to the world of Thomas. Greg Tiernan and Nicole Stinn have brought wonder with the animation to keep the show alive for the young generation of Thomas fans today, despite the writing style. Arc Productions will carry the torch now of the little blue engine and his friends. But there is a bright side towards the series in the future. It turns out that the new production team of Thomas & Friends at HIT Entertainment knows the history of the show and the Railway Series books, as announced by Sodor Island Fansite (SiF) and it will give better writing, better voicing and better animation. So today's episode, which concludes Season 16, despite an episode delay, is:


Written By Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Thomas and Winston, the new track inspection vehicle, restore an open-top carriage for the Fat Controller's birthday.



- The carriage that was used in this episode is based on the one that the National Railway Museum's 'Rocket' replica hauls on its demonstration line around the museum yard at York.

- Winston was not introduced well
- Typical three strikes
- With Thomas being a heavy locomotive and crashing to the back of Winston, Winston's driver could of have whiplash. 

Rating: 2/5

Despite that this is the final episode written by Sharon Miller and her last episode as head writer, this episode is flat out boring. I do have to admit, it was interesting to see the Fat Controller as a young man and it was great how Nitrogen have animated one of the carriages that the National Railway Museum's 'Rocket' replica hauls around the museum yard for demonstrations and it even made an apperance in 'Thomas and The Great Railway Show' by Christopher Awdry in story 'Trouble on The Line'. The coach is this, in the middle:

But like every other episode, there is the typical three strikes and a new character not being introduced too well. But it was nice to see that they do keep a good interaction with the RWS with Edward being the first engine on the railway.

And that draws to an end of the Sixteenth season of Thomas & Friends, thank you to everyone who read these reviews. However, since that 'The Christmas Express' is not on the air yet, I will be making a special Christmas review of the episode in December. Now, I would like to give a few thank you's to the people behind the CGI era of Thomas & Friends. 

First off:

- Sharon Miller: Despite the writing style she brought from the series since 2005, she did write a few good things even before the CGI era of the show. The DVD specials were great such as 'The Great Discovery', 'Hero of The Rails', 'Misty Island Rescue' and 'Day of The Diesels', despite their flaws and there have been a few episodes that were good such as 'Thomas and The Runaway Car' and maybe a few more. She maybe not the best writer, but she tried hard and sometimes succeed, but that's me saying. I wish her good luck as voice director in many years to come.

- Nicole Stinn: Like her husband, she's a Railway Series fan too and was a dedicated producer at Nitrogen Studios working on Thomas & Friends, she brought wonders towards the series alongside her husband and I wish her all the best of other upcoming projects that Nitrogen Studios are creating.

- The Nitrogen Studios Production Team: The ones that provides us the wonderful visuals and who work day and night on the Thomas episodes and Movies, they deserve a pat on the back or a beer for the wonderful job they created. I wish them all the best too of the other projects that Nitrogen is offering.

And last, but not least, the big thanks of all, goes to:

- Greg Tiernan: Like his wife, a proud fan of the Railway Series and dedicated towards the show. HIT chose the right man for the CGI era as of course he is a railway enthusiast, who also provides the visuals every day and night and we praise his work despite the writing style of the show. I would like to thank him, his wife and the team and good luck towards other projects that his studio are facing.

All I can say is...

Thank You Nitrogen Studios
(2009 - 2012)

But, I would like to say to Arc Productions is, good luck and I hope you have the proud dedication the way Greg Tiernan and his team had during the past three years and also good luck to the new head writer Andrew Brenner, I've seen one of his magazine stories 'One Bump Too Many' and I found it entertaining. 

SEPTEMBER: Blue Mountain Mystery DVD Review
DECEMBER: The Christmas Express 

Monday, 5 March 2012

S16 Ep. 19: Don't Bother Victor

Just before you start, I like to say that NSW Riverina and north-eastern Victoria are affected with floods, please donate to Australian Red Cross' 'Disaster Relief and Recovery' fund. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people who lost their homes during this terrible time...

Well, since the dawn of the CGI era which began in 2010 with Series 13, the Skarloey Railway engines were never seen, but they were mentioned as 'The little engines' in a few episodes and in 'Hero of The Rails' (2009). A few days ago, HIT Entertainment's Thomas & Friends website have revealed the CGI counterparts of the Skarloey Railway engines for the first time with some detailing. Then they have revealed in the trailer of the upcoming DVD special, which will be released later this year in September, 'Blue Mountain Mystery' which they'll be in it.

Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

The Thin Controller is off to a meeting and leaves Peter Sam in charge of the narrow gauge railway for the very first time. 



- The Skarloey Railway engines are back
- The detailing on the locomotives are spot on.
- The voices are nice, except there is one I don't like.
- It was another two strikes episode.

- This plot feels like the Season 11 episode 'Sir Handel In Charge', a little.
- Out of all the voices from NG engines, I don't like Sir Handel's voice, he sounds naisily, but you can't always expect what you expect.
- Duncan didn't appear at all in this episode, only a mention.
- The drivers are used again as the engines' hands

This episode is not a favourite of mine, but I believe the Skarloey engines are the best bit about this episode. We haven't seen them since Season 12 and there voices sound great. I don't hate Sir Handel's voice with a passion, but it may need some work. The welsh accents were great, especially Skarloey and Rheneas', Ben Small did a great job on Rheneas and whoever did the voice of Skarloey, my guess its someone who did the voice of Fireman Sam, he did a great job too. Peter Sam's voice was nice too. It's a shame that Duncan didn't get a role in this episode, but I think they didn't finish him in time or they couldn't find a suitable voice actor, there is Paxton, Norman and Sidney, but despite Duncan's absent I'm pleased that the Skarloey engines returned. 

The CGI did give the engines a lot of detail and some bits and pieces that the models didn't have. And I'm glad it's another two strikes episode. But its a shame that the drivers are used as the engines hands and don't speak at all, just zombie like. This episode is only good for the Skarloey engines, but the episode does need some tweaking.

Rating: 3.5/5

Saturday, 3 March 2012

S16 Ep: 17 Welcome Stafford

A new series can't be a series without a new character to join the merchandising clan. Today's episode introduce us not another steam engine nor another diesel engine. This is an electric engine! And today's episode, I would like to say:


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tirenan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

There's a buzz of excitement on Sodor today. Stafford, the new shunting engine, is in the Steamworks! He's electric and runs on batteries, so everyone wants to meet him.




- Spencer got a lead role and thankfully not Thomas, when it comes to new engines
- It seems that Sharon Miller actually did some research on 'Stafford's' basis, you can see it right here
- I like how the animation made Stafford's basis


- Typical three strikes, again!
- Thomas' 15 seconds of fame is really unesscesary, they could at least have Spencer just going to the Steamworks after his introduction.
- How can Stafford run out of battries so quick? And how can Spencer run out of coal so quick? Sure long distances', but battries can last throughout the day and so would coal?
- When Spencer says 'I know about battries', you know something bad is going to happen.
- If Stafford is running out of battries, it would be easy for Spencer to couple him up and pull him along.

This episode is... OK, despite my list of cons. Stafford may as well not be introduce probarly, but their hasn't been a shunting engine for quite sometime anywhere on Sodor. I do love how Nitrogen made Stafford's basis, by the way, his basis is this:

His number was '1917', the year his basis was made and even though that this engine has no name
in real life, he is called Stafford because of the name on its sides.

So well done Sharon for some good research. But anyway, I think later on this year or the next, you'll be seeing, a Wooden, Take-N-Play, possibly a Bachmann model or Trackmaster toys everywhere in shops of this character, like all the other characters.

Rating: 3.5/5 

Friday, 2 March 2012

S16 Ep: 16 Whiff's Wish

Australia's almost at the end of Season 16, the end of the Sharon Miller era as head writer and sadly the end of Nitrogen Studio's contribution for Thomas & Friends. Fans have been wondering, since the clips of 'Blue Mountain Mystery' have been found from the Thomas website, about Duncan's apperance, well I can safely say that he will be in the episode 'Don't Bother Victor', as announced on TheTopHatts' 'Roll Along Thomas' blog, which will be on air here in Australia in the next two days. But today's episode is focused on the rubbish engine himself, Whiff in:

Written by Andy Bernhardt
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

Whiff would so like to be as fast, strong and loud as Spencer. He thinks he is a very grand engine indeed. But Whiff's dreams lead to his undoing.



- I remember last year hearing fans saying, 'Why is Henry not pulling The Flying Kipper anymore since Season 5?' Well, today's episode mentioned the well-known fish train.

- Charlie is seen doing some work, but if he has an episode or a minor role to himself, he's a less work and more play engine.

- Despite his 5 seconds of the camera, Thomas didn't get a role in this episode at all.

- The writing at the beginning did bring some realism towards the engines, eg. Salty shunts trucks at Brendam Docks, which his basis, BR Class 07 is capable of doing and Henry, being a Black 5, hauling a fish train as the LMS Black 5's are capable to haul Fish trains.

- The yards at Wellsworth changed a little bit. 

- This episode felt a bit like 'Dream On' from Season 11 and a bit of 'Emily's Rubbish' from the same season as well.

- Their are alliteration and rhyming from the narrator

- Percy could at least shunt the trucks himself into the siding then rather being on the main line.

This episode is good and it did leave me with a few impressed views. First off, I'm glad they brought back 'The Flying Kipper' in this episode, despite being in their for three seconds and the opening did bring some realism towards the engines' job like Salty shunting trucks, Thomas working on his branch line and Percy carrying the mail. But when I read the plot this morning on TheTopHatts' blog on my way to work on my iPhone 4, I had a feeling that it was rewrite of 'Dream On'. It did a little bit and with the ending of Percy being blocked by the rubbish trucks, even though he should at least shunt them himself, did remind me of the bit when Emily found out that the rubbish trucks were blocking Spencer's way.

However the episode has a good moral about being yourself. Many people might not like it, but as I said before, that is their opinions.

Rating: 4/5

Tomorrow: Welcome Stafford

Thursday, 1 March 2012

S16 Ep. 15: Muddy Matters

Only four more episodes of the new series, aside from one being postponed until Christmas this year and the UK are still in their second week. Today's episode that Australia have seen is:

Written by Max Allen
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn 

Air Date:


James is taking Farmer McColl's sheep to the fair, but how can he keep them and his lovely red paintwork clean when the shortest route means puffing along muddy tracks? Isn't he vain!

- James is back in his conceited and vanity attitude with him wanting to go on the newspaper 
- Longer trains are added again and its nice to see Belle doing some work
- This has a good moral about 'It doesn't matter being clean just for something special'

- Once again, a lock came undone on a 'bumpy track' on a van, remind you of a certain failure of a Season 15 episode?

- Katie the dog, should at least be in a brake van, despite that there isn't one on his train and not in the cab, she would of course get dirty in the cab from the firebox.

I actually enjoyed this episode, not the best, but it tried and it was better then the writer's yesterday episode. It was great seeing James back in his conceited attitude and not in a racial way like in 'James To The Rescue' last year. Though there have been a couple of flaws, I find this one James' interesting episodes. There maybe people who may or may not enjoy it, but that is their own opinions.

Rating: 3.5/5