Sunday, 1 April 2012

S13 Ep: 5 Slippy Sodor


Written by Mark Robertson
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK):

Thomas has a cracked funnel and goes to the Sodor Steamworks for a replacement. The first two funnels are too small or too big; so Kevin collects the only spare funnel left, which looks very funny, and Thomas feels embarrassed.

- Mr. Bubbles, one of the funniest human characters that show has to offer

- Thomas' eyes moving with out his eyes blinking, almost feels like a tribute the the models.

- Despite that the funnel is an unrealistic and a non-existance one too, Nitrogen did a wonderful job with it.

- The angle with the Fat Controller chasing Thomas was a well done.

- Thomas' funnel is cracked and yet he's running on his own steam, wouldn't steam be all over the place?
- Edward is out of character

- The 'Little Blue Book' says that Thomas is to blow a bubble from his funnel, thankfully they didn't put that in.

- Why would the bubble liquid be in a barrel on a flatbed? It would more likey be taken into a container and fill it up at the party later in a bucket without a steam engine.

- 'There's one more at Brendam docks, but there isn't any time', like I saidin my 'Flash, Bang, Wallop! review, why can't they bring the spare with them?

- The Fat Controller and Mr. Bubbles would've have a broken neck by now and the car would've been in total damage! 

This episode turned from funny to dreadful, the funnel was just unrealistic but was animated well by Nitrogen Studios. Thomas' eyes moving when he met up with Edward was almost like a tribute to the original models and Mr. Bubbles, one of the funniest characters in the show. However, Edward was out of character, he is supposed to be wise and friendly, not teasing Thomas!

The bubble liquid was being transported the wrong way, as mentioned in my 'Cons'. Why on earth that over the three seasons of the CGI series, they say 'There is one more at X, but there isn't time now.' yet a show is not even starting? They could at least bring a backup with them! This episode is bad, but I have to say the angle where the Fat Controller was chasing up to Thomas was really good.

Rating: 1/5