Saturday, 7 April 2012

S13 Ep.14: Steamy Sodor


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK):

While Victor is visiting the narrow gauge engines at the Transfer Yards, Thomas is put in charge of the Sodor Steamworks. Thomas feels very excited; so excited in fact that he doesn't listen to Victor's instructions to ask the engines about their problems and to ask Kevin for advice.

- This episode shows a little of the Sodor industry taking place at the Steamworks.
- Spencer's coalstache, yes I gave it a name, was funny. 
- This episode does provide some great entertainment with some comic relief from Kevin. 
- The ash pan scene brought some delight of realism. 

- TTTE Wikia and Thomas fans would noticed this already, but a buffer is missing from Gordon at the beginning.
- The episode can be repetitive with Thomas saying 'Victor's away today, I'm charge'. Kids would obviously know by now.
- One thing this episode doesn't need and this goes to any season during the HIT era from the past to future is that Henry doesn't need any special coal!
- James shouldn't puff into the Steamworks with straw and twigs on his funnel, steam will build up and could cause an explosion, I believe, I may be a steam locomotive enthusiast, but I may not know everything about engines. 

I enjoyed this episode when I first saw this on ABC2 back in Feb 2010 and enjoyed it as well. Despite the three strikes and the flaws this episode has, it was entertaining and show some industrial working of Sodor. I like Spencer's coalstache as it provides some comic relief and so did Kevin's bits as well. But as mentioned in my cons, Henry doesn't need special coal anymore, but I will leave that for my Season 15 review and my opinions would not be pretty about some episodes. What they should've put is that Henry may have blocked pipes. Some bits were repetitive and sadly, there is one design flaw with one of Gordon's buffers being missing, but then again mistakes are made and thankfully there has been no design flaw for the big blue engine afterwards. The episode is enjoyable despite the flaws. 

The reason why I got the review up early, well since that Easter is tomorrow, I would not have much time on the internet as I'll be doing stuff on that day. But, Happy Easter! 

Rating: 4/5