Wednesday, 4 April 2012

S13 Ep. 9 Time For A Story


Written by Miranda Larson
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK);

New story books are to be delivered to the library for the school children's storytime and the Fat Controller gives this special job to Thomas. Thomas goes to Maithwaite to collect the trucks full of books, but he is so excited about the children's storytime that he leaves too soon and doesn't wait for the stationmaster to cover the books to keep them inside the trucks.

- The music was nice and peaceful
- This episode does have a nice moral to the story 'Patience is Virtue' 

- How the way the books were being transported was unrealistic 

- How the way the trucks crashed was unrealistic as well.

- The stationmaster could've put the tarpaulin before Thomas arrived, but I guess with that we have no plot.

- Leaving the trucks just at the station is unsafe, what happens if an engines need to pull into the station.

- If there is trackwork, they should put detonators on the tracks to warn the engines.

- I hate how the way the engines brake in the CGI series. When it's an emergency stop, the engines wheels slide on the rails not put them on and having them slipping, that's why engines have brake blocks.

- The teacher, was she reading any words from the story or just don't care about it?

This episode is so boring and unrealistic. How the way the books were being transported and how the way the crash made and even leaving the open wagons in the middle of the station is unsafe too, it would be more better if they're left in a siding or a bay platform. Putting a sign up won't work, the engines crews could be busy in the cab like checking the speed, the water gauge or anything else. A detonator would be more better as the little explosion can warn them about the work up ahead, I remember that after riding on a commuter train from the city of Sydney back when I was eleven. 

I know this has been in other episodes but I hate how the way engines brake in the CGI series. It's just a stop and then wheels slip for a moment and stop. Brake blocks are there too stop the engines wheels, if they fail, then an accident is on the way. However there are two positives, the music and even though that this episode is unrealistic, there is a good moral to this story, 'Patience is virtue'. There could be people who like this episode and that is fine, but I don't really like this episode. 

Rating: 1/5