Tuesday, 10 April 2012

S13 Ep.16 The Biggest Present of All


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn 

Air Date (UK)

All of the engines on the Island of Sodor are very excited. Hiro is returning for a visit, and to help with the summer holiday makers. The Fat Controller is throwing a surprise welcome party at Knapford for Hiro, and tells Thomas to tell all the other engines. 

- The episode does have a nice moral about special presents

- I actually like the idea of the third idea for a present for Hiro by Thomas. Many engines from England were fitted with bells during their trip to America and one A4 during its residence in Canada.

- Emily Henry and Victor's idea for a present for Hiro are far more realistic and better then Thomas', a new dome, lamp and even a buffer.

- 'Hiro is coming back to Sodor' and will be staying their for good for merchandising reasons for the show. 

- 'Victor will check your engine' Hiro is an engine! And wouldn't his boiler be checked anyway when he left for Sodor from Japan? 

- Why would Thomas think that Hiro like to have a barn for a present?

First off, I like Hiro, he's the only character in the CGI series, during the HIT-era of Thomas & Friends, that actually has a backstory in 'Hero of The Rails'. Plus he has a great basis, the D51, hence the number on his tender, but why is he classified as 'old' in the series? and being one of the first steam engines on Sodor? His basis was built in 1936, while Thomas' basis, the LB&SCR E2 is was built in 1913 and Edward's 'Larger Seagull' basis was built in 1836, or LNER D3/4 "Glen", a model that the Rev.W.Awdry have on his layout to represent Edward since he is really not based on any class of locomotive. 

But back to the episode, this episode better then the last one. This has a really good moral about presents being special to you. It doesn't matter if its a lamp, a dome or anything that is railway related for an engine. It's mainly friendship that is more special as a present. Despite that Thomas' ideas of giving a barn or slate to Hiro, I do like his last idea, a bell! Many locomotives from England were fitted with bells during their trips to America, as its part of regulations, here are a few examples:

Duchess of Hamilton fitted with a bell in 1938
on her way to America to take part in the 
New York's Worlds Fair.

Dominion of Canada was fitted with a bell at 
Kings Cross, London 1938. When she was retired
in 1966, she was donated to the Canadian Railroad Museum, near Montreal.
She will be coming back to Britain in 2013 to take part of the NRM's
A4 line up in celebration of Mallard's world speed record, along with
'Dwight D. Eisenhower' from National Railroad Museum, Greenbay, Winconsion, USA.

Flying Scotsman on its infamous US tour in 1969
fitted with a bell on her running board.

But despite the episode's flaws, it was actually, better then tripe of 'Splish Splash Splosh'. 

Rating: 4/5