Tuesday, 29 May 2012

はじめましてトーマスシリーズ いつもなかよし ふたごのきかんし DVD Review


いつもなかよし ふたごのきかんし

- Break Van
- The Deputation
- The Diseasel
- Donald's Duck 
- One Good Turn
- Heroes 
- Buffer Bother
- Bad Day at Castle Loch 

Yep, had enough money to buy another Japanese Thomas DVD, what can I say, I love watching these as they are worth the money. There are eight perfectly written episodes from the classical era with six episodes all being remastered from the first three seasons of the show. This is the same DVD as the one here in Australia, the 'My First Thomas' series to introduce the classic era of 'Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends' to the younger generation of Thomas fans, who are growing up with the new series. Sadly in the Australian version, of the DVD, the six episodes from the 1st to 3rd season are not remastered, instead they're VHS transfer. If Australian Thomas fans want the remastered footage, you can buy them on iTunes Australia only. 

The voice acting and narration of the Japanese actors are spot on and for english viewers, you can audio swap and have the narration of Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis with the restored footage, but the opening intro provides the japanese text. There are more DVDs of more characters, which are the same as the Australian release and are worth the money for the remastered episodes, something that HIT needs to make one day for the english viewers. There are compilation DVDs that have remastered episodes, but since that Japan has them and Australia, America (Series 1) and the UK has them on iTunes and/or DVD, why can't they release a complete collection of the remasters on DVD or Blu-Ray? It would be worth the money for many of the nostalgia fans. But this DVD is great and I highly recommend it. If you're a fan from the home country of the show, England, then you'll be happy to know that the DVD are in region two. 

Rating: 5/5