Monday, 14 May 2012

S15 Ep. 18: Percy The Snowman


Written by Lizzie Ennever 
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

Thomas promises to take a depressed Percy to pick up the Fat Controller. But whilst Thomas is finishing his jobs, he only succeeds in covering Percy in snow.

- Henry hauling a long tanker train
- Percy's face popping out of the snow brought a bit of Season 5 nostalgia

- Instead of Thomas puffing away to finish his jobs, why can't he go and get help for Percy?
- How come Thomas shoved the same snow near Percy when their is no snow falling down?
- Thomas should obviously know where Percy was, he shoved snow on him throughout this episode.
- 'They have never seen a snow engine before', what about Oliver?
- How come the snow never melted off Thomas' boiler and smokebox and Percy's wheels as well? 

At first, I thought how the snow was shoved away by Thomas was unrealistic, but if you watch the British Transport Film (BTF) 'Snow', you can see one clip were a bit of snow flew up. But how the way it landed on Percy was just confusing, there was less snow that Thomas was shoving and yet the drift was as thick as the snow you can see in 'Thomas, Terence and The Snow'. This episode is an improvement to the other episode, but it is still bad. I thought, why would Thomas go off to do his other jobs instead of getting help for Percy. Percy would finish his jobs and help out with the special, I guess if that happens there will be no plot. I don't why their was the same snow from before but their is no snow falling? That is highly illogical. 

How stupid is Thomas when he was finding Percy that he can't see as their is a giant snow drift next to him at the same place were Percy was, before he was covered in snow and throughout this whole episode, the snow on Thomas and Percy didn't even melt. A steam locomotive's boiler produce the heat for the water to evaporate and the coal to burn to produce steam and with the heat inside the engine, it should make the snow melt. And the last bit was this, 'They never seen a snow engine before?' I know that the writers might never knew about the classical era, but even if they're writing about a snow engine, they should do their research, the last time that the children have seen a snow engine before was this episode in the seventh season:

Which also didn't melt with the Oliver's heat.

There are only two positives, one is Henry having a long train on tanker wagons and the other is that Percy's face popping out with the snow brought some Season 5 nostalgia on 'Snow'. I think many people found this out already, if not, in 'Muddy Matters' everyone said that Emily has three coaches, yet in this episode, Emily had four coaches. You just have to see it at the beginning of the episode when Henry was puffing with some tanker wagons up on the bridge. But this episode is bad, younger kids will like it, but it is filled with illogical and unrealistic moments that make this episode unmemorable.

Rating: 1/5