Thursday, 10 May 2012

S15 Ep. 11: Surprise, Surprise


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

Thomas tries to hold a Christmas party at the Sodor Steamworks for his friends, but does not tell Victor.

- Diesel doing some shunting at the beginning, as what an 08 class shunter do in real life.
- I like how the camera is panning the engines movement at the beginning, instead of the camera staying still like in other episodes.
- Stanley making his comeback in full CGI and with a new voice actor.
- At least their is the mention of 'Christmas Trees' even though this episode is full of the 'Winter Holiday' rubbish.

- Even if Percy's traction rods have been broken, wouldn't he need a flatbed to be transported?
- Even if Thomas wants a party at the Steamworks, why can't he tell the Fat Controller?
- The three strikes has been used twice in this episode. The engines broken down and the things to be collected for the party.
- Again Charlie's jokes are stupid and annoying his 'Jelly-copter' proves it.
- How the way Charlie fell off the line was unrealistic, one bump and off he goes.

Despite we see our first surprise for the series, Stanley, this episode is bad. Thomas shouldn't worry about bothering Victor, he should ask the Fat Controller if its OK to hold a party at the steamworks. And even if Percy's traction rods are broken, a flatbed should be in order to take him to the works so he won't have any more damages on the way. Charlie's 'jellycopter' is just stupid and unfunny and how the way he fell off the tracks was unrealistic and also the same three strikes formula has been used twice. 

But I have to say, despite the episode being bad, their were other bits that I enjoyed. With Stanley, its great seeing him back. I remember hearing people on YouTube saying that his UK voice sounds like Pierce Brosnan's from 'The Great Discovery'. When clearly their is a major difference. I do like how the camera was panning the engines movement at the beginning with Henry and James passing Thomas and at least their was the mention of 'Christmas', but only for the trees. I said this before, if over-protective parents who think saying 'Christmas' in a kids show is bad, then why throughout the whole episode their are Christmas decorations, trees, lights, presents and everything else? even if it mentioned 'Winter Holidays', it is still Christmas. 

Rating: 1/5