Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rescue On The Rails DVD Review


Rescue On The Rails 


Fiery Flynn
James To The Rescue
Edward The Hero
Stop The Bus

Special Features:

Down at The Station: The Level Crossing
Mr. Perkins 
Guess Who?

Well this DVD is not better then the other on 'Up, Up and Away' with the episodes. I'm not much of a big fan of 'Stop That Bus', minus Bertie's full CGI appearence and new voice, but due to Bertie being on a well wagon with no cables attached and seeing how he fell off onto the shake shake bridge and how the way the well wagon was wobbling around earlier in the episode, which is highly dangerous and their was no punishment given, yet Thomas today is suppose to be educational and some of these episodes have no moral lesson to them, minus 'Edward The Hero' as that has a moral about 'Being yourself'. 'James to The Rescue' shows the red engine being discriminated to Toby for being a tram engine and that he can't be a 'rescue engine' because of that and in the end, after James' accident, no apology was given. 'Fiery Flynn', Flynn is a fire fighting engine, he fights fires and fire fighters know what a fire is, yet he goes around spraying water on Edward and Gordon which are obvivously not on fire.

Though I do have to say the features are great to watch. 'Down at The Station' shows some realism of how a level crossing works. Let's hope HIT makes more of these with such other things like signal codes, trucks etc. And the Mr. Perkins segments are always fun to watch, so well done to the actor who plays him. I also like the ending with the many engine drivers in the common room as well as the Fat Controller being put their. The guess who puzzles are alright for the younger viewers, but I do have to say their is one fault for James. Instead of his own whistle, he had Gordon's whistle.

This DVD is OK with some bad episodes, due to the writing and that their are no moralistic backgrounds, minus 'Edward The Hero'. But the special features are entertaining to watch.

Rating: 3/5