Saturday, 26 May 2012

きかんしゃトーマス じょうきはディーゼルにまけないぞ!! DVD Review


きかんしゃトーマス じょうきはディーゼルにまけないぞ!!
- Pop Goes The Diesel
- Dirty Work
- Daisy 
- Diesel Does It Again 
- Mavis
- Bullseyes
- Bowled Out
- The World's Strongest Engine

Bonus Features:
- Trying To Do Things Better
- Diesel 10's Counterattack (Day of The Diesels) Trailer

I've been collecting Thomas DVDs from Japan for a while now and here is one of Japan's recent releases, its like 'Steamies Vs. Diesels' from the US and 'My First Thomas with Diesel' from Australia, only with episodes from the classic era and not really focusing on Diesel. The DVD features six selected episodes of the diesel engines from Season 2, 3, 4 and 6. Not many episodes in the UK, US and Australia have been released, restored, but many episodes on Japanese releases are restored and could almost turn into a series compilation DVD. 

Episodes like 'Bullseyes', 'Bowled Out' seem to be in their current state as what the english releases have with the film, but looking at the ones from the Season 4 DVD for the english viewers and the ones on this DVD, it looked spotless and not all grainy with some bad quality from VHS transfer. 

Leo Morimoto has a great voice with the narration, its a shame that he's not doing now, but their are other things getting in the way. The voice actors in this DVD shows great enthusiasm and with the face of the engine, they always put great emotion in with the Japanese language. Their are bonus features in this DVD, just some trailers and 'Trying To Do Things Better' in Japanese. However with the trailers, there is the trailer for the Japanese release of 'Day of The Diesels' (Diesel 10's Counterattack). With the releases HIT is making with the US and UK audience with four episodes and special features like games for kids and the 'Down at The Station' segments along with the Mr. Perkins segments, which I have to say are great to watch by the way. But this DVD as well as others are worth the money. Eight episodes with five all restored from the 1st - 3rd season.

Rating: 5/5