Monday, 14 May 2012

S15 Ep. 20: Fiery Flynn + Overall of Season 15


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn 

Air Date:

Flynn tries to impress the Diesels with his bravery with potentially disastrous results.

- Diesel's devious laugh, I like it.

- Flynn looked unstable when he's on the rails
- How does Rocky know the emergencies?
- How stupid is Flynn, he's a fire engine, he should know what a fire is! 
- 'You're not on fire Edward/Gordon', talk about stating the oblivious.
'But I'm wet through!' did that sentence even make sense? 
- Why did Thomas and Flynn thank the Diesels? It was their drivers who did all the work.

'Thomas' firebox is on fire...?' yes we were all shocked by that scene, but, as what Chris (TP&T2) pointed out in his Series 15 review last year on his blog, a steam locomotive has a thing called a 'Fusible Plug'. It's a metal cylinder. Its a safety device that is against low water levels in a boiler. If it fails it can damage the boiler and would cause an explosion. Engines like 'Tornado' had a failed fusible plug during its time in preservation and have to be stopped so no damage can be caused. Here is what a modern fusible plug looks like:

But with this episode. I would rather let kids watch 'Fireman Sam' from the 1980's a character who knows how to fight fires. Flynn, he's so stupid in this episode, he's off to fight Thomas' fire but instead goes to Gordon and Edward first. There is a reason why he's called a Fire fighting engine. He fights fires, why did he and Belle save the Dieselworks from being on fire in 'Day of The Diesels'. I still don't know why Rocky is saying all of the emergencies instead of the boss of the rescue centre. The grammar is bad too with the Fat Controller saying 'But I'm wet through?', couldn't he say, 'But I'm wet!'. The one other thing, why did Thomas and Flynn thank the diesels for putting out his fire? When clearly its the workmen who did the job. The only thing I like about this episode is Diesel's laugh, but that did not save the episode for being a total disgrace to fire fighters right across the world. 

Rating: 1/5


What can I say, after seeing a total of 20 episodes these were just awfully written. There are bad morals, the three strikes and rhyming were overused and some parts of the episodes looked dangerous without being punished. There are no morals in episodes for example 'Wonky Whistle'. I'm so glad that this series aired before 'Day of The Diesels' came out on DVD and Blu-Ray. The plots are the same and basic like every other Thomas, so if you seen one you've seen them all. The CGI did wonders but was sadly wasted away from the awful story lines, I'm sad that Greg Tiernan decided to finish animating Thomas after this, as SiF had said that he stopped working on Thomas in late 2011, but it was his choice and he knows how the writing is not that well received by the fans. 

I don't know if people would buy the complete collection DVD around 2014 in the UK due to the episode's being badly written. Me, I only buy the CGI Thomas DVDs because of the animation. Their are some episodes that are good, but sadly this is the worst written series in Thomas history. 

Rating: 31/100

Well that's the end of my S13 - 15 episode reviews. I do hope you enjoy reading them. Be on the look out in the later part of 2012 as I will be reviewing Series 1 - 12, this might take from mid-2012 to early 2013, as I will be away to Ireland and England in August/September and I could be away from the internet. But their are more reviews coming up like my 'Juniper Junction' DVD review, even though its not Thomas, I still like to review it after seeing a short YouTube clip. In July, I will be doing a review on 'Blue Mountain Mystery', but like my 'Day of The Diesels' review that was on my DA page last year, their won't be any spoilers as their are many people who want to see the movie without knowing the plot and surprises, however there will be a movie review on all the Thomas movies that came from 2000 - 2011. I might as well meet up with a few YT friends during the premier of the movie in September, I'll be in London at the time then. 

Right now, I'll be on break before the Juniper Junction DVD arrives in the mail from Amazon. Thanks for reading! ;)