Saturday, 12 May 2012

S15 Ep. 16: Kevin The Steamie


Written by 
Laurie Israel & Rachel Ruderman 
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

Kevin practices shunting so that he can take part in Thomas and Percy's game. 

- I do like it how the camera tracks down with the oil drums.

- How can Victor collect a new boiler when he runs on Narrow Gauge track?
- Seeing Thomas and Percy shunting a flatbed filled with unstable oil drums can really injure a workmen.
- 'To feel badly', that, ever since 'Misty Island Rescue' is just poor grammar, instead of 'Badly', why not say 'To feel bad.' 
- Why would Kevin bash oil drums around the steamworks? In real life that could land on someone's head hard and cause them a concussion or worse!
- 'Gloopy goo', its been called an oil drum throughout the episode. If its called that it has to be with oil.

Another episode with a poor teaching moral and bad writing from not one but two writers. This episode is bad for kids, why would Kevin think playing around the Steamworks will be fun for bashing the oil drums? What could happen if an oil drum landed on someone's head? And goes as well with the stupid shunting game by Thomas and Percy. The grammar in this episode is horrible, 'To feel badly', just get rid of the 'ly' and it will make sense. Since now we saw the 'Narrow Gauge and Standard Gauge' video now from the 'Blue Mountain Mystery' website and the S16 episode 'Don't Bother Victor', why would Victor leave the steamworks since he is narrow gauge, unless their is a boiler factory on the 'Skarloey Railway'. And I hate it how they called the oil, 'gloopy goo', it has been called an oil drum throughout the whole episode, so why can't it be oil? 

But there is one pro and that is the camera tracking down the oil drum. But this episode is a horrible one, their is bad teaching moral here for children about the steamworks, maybe their should be an episode were Kevin is playing about the Steamworks and damaged all the equipment and nearly hurting all the workmen which will make the Fat Controller cross and telling him that playing about in factory or workshop is bad since it can cause injuries. If Andrew Brenner is reading this, I hope he writes an episode like that with Kevin remembering his lesson. 

This episode is bad and I have no idea why it would be released on 'Up, Up and Away!' and that will go to tomorrow's episode which is dubbed by many fans as, 'The worst Thomas episode in history'.

Rating: 1/5