Friday, 4 May 2012

S15 Ep. 2 Toby and Bash


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn 

Air Date:

Toby tries to find Bash a home on Sodor, but Bash misses his friends on Misty Island.

- Toby's theme music at the beginning and in the end was a nice catchy tune to hear.

- A nice RWS reference at Knapford, 'Mc Bunn Cafe', which is seen in 'A Close Shave' in 'Duck and The Diesel Engine'.

- Most parts of Toby and Bash were focused around Thomas' branch line, taking children from Knapford, where the line starts from, then onto Bluff's Cove, then the quarry with Mavis and then to the harbour, despite it being at Brendam and not at Dryaw. 

- Aresdale End makes a return.

- Once again, why is Thomas shoved in at the beginning? There is no explanation all we know is that he's their.

- If Toby was sent to the 'Search and Rescue Centre' before telling him his special, why wouldn't the Fat Controller tell him at Knapford and then Toby explains the reward to Bash?

- Why try and find a new home Bash when its in the middle of the main line? 

- Some fans says that Toby's old personality is back, yet, he should've listen to Bash in the first place.  

Another episode that I have ups and downs with, I have to say I like the RWS reference at Knapford with the Mc Bunn Cafe, nice to see Greg Tiernan putting a bit of a Railway Series reference in the new series. Here is a picture to show you the cafe in book, 'Duck and The Diesel Engine'

Notice next to Duck, the Cafe building has the name.

Most parts when Toby and Bash were spending the day together were on Thomas' branch line. Starting at Knapford where the service started, then onto Bluff's Cove (Hence the mention in 'Toby Feels Left Out'), then the Quarry with Mavis and then the harbour, which is not Dryaw sadly. So a bit of a little easter egg. I do love the theme music at the start and the end, reminds me a little bit of Toby's old theme, but not closely, just the beat. But there are the cons of this episode. What was the point of Thomas being at the rescue centre with Toby? We're fine without Thomas, we all know its still called 'Thomas & Friends' we just don't need him all the time in every single episode with pointless cameo. 

Plus why would Toby find a place on the main line for Bash? What if Gordon was on the express? Fans were saying that Toby's personality is back. Well Toby should wisely know that no engine would stay on the main line as a home. Even though I gave the first episode a 2.5/5 yesterday, i'm going to give this episode just a 2 star rating. It wasn't much of a great Thomas episode anyway thanks to the writing. Despite the little RWS references. 

Rating: 2/5