Monday, 7 May 2012

S15 Ep.6: James to The Rescue


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

James refuses to work with Toby as the rescue engine, but soon regrets his decision.

- The crash was the episode's highlight.

- James being discriminative to Toby for being a tram engine or 'steam tram' and cannot be a 'rescue engine'. 
- Obviously pulling Gordon back on the rails would not get him back on the rails and even pushing him from the tender won't help either. 
- How would the driver and fireman in James' cab survive such a deadly crash? 

 I've seen this episode many times before when it first came out right until 'The Best Of James' UK DVD and I have to say this one is a bad episode thanks to James being in a over the top vanity about himself being a rescue engine and not wanting Toby in it because he's a steam tram and he can't be a rescue engine because of that. The writers should know that these are the 'Steam Team' characters, the engines that kids are suppose to look up too with good morals, but no, we have these writers just writing whatever they want if they're the characters the kids look up too or not. 

Looking at this James and comparing it with 'Muddy Matters', I like the S16 episode, because to me, seeing James being vain about his red paint and not wanting it dirty until learning his mistake is a much more better episode then being vain and discriminative to Toby the tram engine, but I do have a bit of a 50/50 side towards this issue, James was discriminative Toby in 'Dirty Objects' in the Railway Series and the TV series calling Toby a dirty object, but then again Toby made fun of James for having a bootlace to mend a hole in one of the carriages, instead of being a wimp and having Thomas to defend him.

Plus, why would James pull and push Gordon to get back on the line? even the show 'Chugginton' would never do a thing like that. There was one episode in the first series were Koko and Wilson went to the countryside and Koko manage to derail herself on a passing loop and they got help by Calley with a crane. And, how would the driver and fireman survive such a deadly crash? I don't know. 

The only thing I like about this episode is the crash, if parents think crashes in Thomas are bad for their kids, they should know that engines on any railway around the world can have accidents all the time. The crash was good, but this episode, by its writing, is bad.

Rating: 1/5