Wednesday, 9 May 2012

S15 Ep.9: Henry's Happy Coal


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

'Arry and Bert tease Henry about using special coal.

- Despite the error of Henry having his welsh coal, at least kids are learning something that the Railway Series had before.

- This episode also reminds me of the Railway Series story 'Out of Puff' from 'Henry and The Express' by Christopher Awdry, one of my favourite books. 

- Gordon hauling five coaches?! Not three?, not two? not one? Thank you Nitrogen.

- I love the interior of Henry's cab.

- Many people have pointed this out since 'It's Good To Be Gordon' in Season 10, Henry doesn't need his special welsh coal. That's another problem, they just call his welsh coal 'special'. What's wrong with calling it Welsh?

- Thomas' appearance is really not needed.

- If the inspector is to inspect coal, why does he need to check on the 'Sodor Search and Rescue Centre'? Sure Belle was to be introduce in this series after 'Day of The Diesels' but since that she won't be appearing in a while, the visit was just pointless.

- 'Arry and Bert following around Henry.

- Where was Henry's fireman?

- When Henry splutters, he sound almost like a car.

I never like the idea of Henry having his special coal back when clearly since the first series, the Fat Controller says this to Henry in 'The Flying Kipper', 'I'm sending you to Crewe a fine place for sick engines, they'll give you a new shape and a larger firebox. You'll feel a different engine and won't need special coal anymore, won't that be nice?' So yes, Henry doesn't need his special coal anymore thanks to his new shape, period. But I do have to admit I like the RWS reference of his special coal, but why call it special when its called 'Welsh coal' in the show's earlier years and in the books. 

Speaking of the Railway Series, when I first saw this, it really reminded me of 'Out of Puff'. It'll be more better if the episode was called, 'The Wrong Sort of Coal!' as there are many type of coal around the world that could possibly damage an engine's firebox, like in the story. I'm glad that Nitrogen Studios gave Gordon five coaches, something that fans wanted since the beginning of the CGI series and I love the interior of Henry's cab with all the controls that you can find in a steam locomotive.

But still, the flaws, why is Thomas everywhere in this episode, first he was at the fields, then Knapford and then at the search and rescue centre. Why can't there be a different engine from the Steam Team or any character outside of the pack. Sure we know Belle was to be introduced in this season, but that's a few episodes away, but since the inspector is on the island to inspect coal, why does he need to go to the Search and Rescue centre? It's pointless, there are no steam engine's working there. And another thing, why were 'Arry and Bert following Henry around for the teasing? Shouldn't they be at work at the smelters yards? And where was Henry's fireman? We have his driver, but what about the fireman? As Henry was spluttering on his way to Boxford station, the summer house, Henry sounds like a car. When an engine is having steaming trouble, it needs to be checked. 

The episode has its flaws and its ok-good moments, but what's on my pro's list, the episode is far from being saved. It would make a lot of sense if its about Henry having the wrong sort of coal and not that normal coal is bad for his larger firebox.

Rating: 2/5