Friday, 11 May 2012

S15 Ep.13: Stop That Bus!


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

Thomas takes Bertie on a tour, but Bertie has to pick up Dowager Hatt and her friends.

- Bertie has a speaking role at last in a CGI episode
- Dowager Hatt is hilarious once again
- Victor's whistle
- The view from the top of Gordon's Hill
'My mother doesn't like to wait.' how the way the Fat Controller was reacting was funny too.
- How Dowager Hatt and his friends were getting into Thomas' cab was hilarious 

- How the way Bertie was on the flatbed was unsafe.
- Is Thomas deaf or something? He should've let Bertie or Dowager say something.
- There are other places aside from the Logging Station on Misty Island, not the two unstable crazy cranes.
- Bertie could've fall off whether he's not on the flatbed or not on the 'Shake-Shake Bridge'.
- Where did the Fat Controller come from on the pump car?
-  The only way to Misty Island is the tunnel, not on the mainline. 
- Wouldn't the Fat Controller or Dowager Hatt know it would be dangerous to ride on Bertie, unstable on a flatbed?
- How did Bertie get off the flatbed at the level crossing, nobody knows.

Well, here is another series highlight, Bertie has his own voice for the first time since 'Thomas and The Magic Railroad' I have to say they do give him a nice accent. Dowager Hatt is funny once again and I have to say, I like how the Fat Controller was reacting how he doesn't like his mother not waiting and how the way she was getting in the cab was funny too. Plus the view from Gordon's Hill was really nice too and I'm glad they gave Victor his whistle. But I don't like how the way Bertie was on the flatbed, how the way he wobbles along the line and the awful 'shake - shake bridge' with Thomas you bound to know that in real life he would fall off and break himself. 

How the way the Fat Controller came out of nowhere on a pump car and Thomas was on his way to the island, are their other ways to Misty Island? Because, how come they say that the only way is the tunnel were Bertie is blocking the only way to the tunnel? 

This episode is not a big favourite of mine, I know a few people who liked it and that is fine by me. It's only good feature was Bertie, but due to the unsafe features in this episode (the flatbed and how the way the Fat Controller, his mum and her friends were riding on Bertie.) this episode is not that good.

Rating: 2/5