Friday, 11 May 2012

S15 Ep.14: Stuck on You


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

Thomas and Butch don't listen to Victor's instructions, so they don't know how to work Butch's new magnet.

- Butch making a comeback since he had been a cameo since Series 5.
- James and Gordon hauling more rolling stock. 
- This is the first time that we see a 'two strikes you're out' formula.

- I hate Thomas saying 'I know all about X' 
- Wouldn't Butch, his driver (if he has one) and even Thomas know how a magnet work? 
- How does Rocky knew all of the emergencies? 
- Wouldn't there be more important emergencies? Like a ship is sinking or an engine is hanging dangerously over a cliff? 
- If Rosie wants a new wheel, can't she go to the 'Steamworks' and get one?
- Wouldn't Thomas be able to take the pipes to Farmer McColl himself?
- How did Thomas and Butch get through the transfer table at the Steamworks.

Alongside with the return of Stanley, Trevor and Bertie, this is another season highlight. For the first time ever in Thomas history, Butch has his first speaking role. For many years since his debut in 'Cranky Bugs', he was nothing more then a cameo. Here is Butch during his appearance and one second of fame in 'Horrid Lorry', without a face:

After that, he has been shelved as a cameo appearance in many episodes from S5 - S11 and in 'Thomas and The Magic Railroad' and a few DVD specials. James and Gordon hauling more rolling stock such as coaches and trucks in this episode was great to see, though Gordon had three express coaches in one part of the episode and the best thing, this was a 'two strikes' formula instead of the usual three, this will be carried out in some S16 episodes. However, like other S15 episodes, there are the usual flaws, one of the things I hate about this episode is Thomas saying 'Don't worry Victor I know all about ____' and we all know what will happen then. Thomas should realise that he may not know everything in future episodes, instead of shoving his stupidity down our throats. But even though I hate this 'I know everything' tripe, wouldn't he, Butch and his (Butch's) driver know how a magnet works? And how does Rocky know the emergencies, is he physic? But even though Rosie needs a new wheel, she could just go to the steamworks and get fixed and Thomas should deliver the pipes himself to Farmer McColl. 

Plus why are they emergencies? Wouldn't there be more important ones like a ship is sinking and people are in need of help, or a hiker being injured, which would be good with this story, after all Harold hasn't been used much at the Search and Rescue centre and even an engine hanging dangerously off a cliff. And finally, how on earth did Thomas and Butch get across the transfer table when they were stuck together? 

Anyway, despite the flaws, this episode is OK, if you like or don't like this episode, and that goes to the other episodes I've reviewed, then that's fine by me. I think, in my views, it's one of the seasons best, but it would not surpass the great classics like 'Escape', 'Thomas and Bertie' or heck even 'Edward's Exploits'. But, again, if you like or don't like this episode, its fine by me everyone has a different taste in something. 

Rating: 3/5