Tuesday, 5 February 2013

DVD Review: Muddy Matters


Written by
Max Allen 
Andrew Viner
Sharon Miller
Andy Bernhardt
Dan and Nauri Wicksman 

Directed by
Greg Tiernan

Produced by
Nicole Stinn 

Muddy Matters
Thomas and The Garbage Train
Don't Bother Victor!
Whiff's Wish
Thomas Toots The Crows

Special Features
'Muddy Sheep Game' 
Go Go Thomas Music Video 
Guess Who? 

The reason why this was shifted to February because Amazon US has cancelled my order because it can't get delivered. So I've ordered a second copy and now here's a review of America's first Thomas DVD for 2013, 'Muddy Matters'. For the first time since 2008, this DVD has a total of five episodes, an improvement of HIT Entertainment's Thomas DVDs rather then the usual four episode DVDs. SiF had conducted a DVD poll back in 2012 to discuss about the Thomas DVDs in the UK and US for having four episodes from the CGI series which can be poorly written and the price range. So is this DVD a good start to the new year? Let's find out?

While the UK has their second six episode DVD 'Sticky Situations', America now has their five episode DVD for 2013 and as I've made my reviews on these episodes in February 2012 I'll keep short and simple. Their are only two decent episodes I find on this DVD is 'Whiff's Wish' despite it being like a rehash of 'Dream On' from Series 11, it was actually nice seeing Whiff with an entire episode to himself and also the episode's opening sequence of the engines and their jobs, most notably Henry pulling the Flying Kipper. The episode does have its own flaws, but I find it OK. 'Muddy Matters', despite it not being great, I like how James was not in his snooty behaviour that was used in the dreaded Season 15. He was somewhat in his classic persona. Though I like it, there are the flaws. The other episodes aren't written well and I do have my opinions about them from Feb/March last year.

The 'Go Go Thomas' music video is once again from 'Sticky Situations' so it's not all different. But it will make its debut for the Australian and UK audience in March on the DVD with the same name. For the Guess Who? puzzle, we have Thomas and James, Peter Sam and Sir Handel, as usual, fun for the younger kids. The game is really much for kids, though it is better then the previous game on the previous release in December and it was OK. Aside from James not having his tender when he puffs along to each level.

Once again, Mr. Perkins is back and this time he is getting ready for the Sodor sale. So the special features for the Americans are pretty much the same.

Despite the three badly written episodes and two decent ones, this is a good start to the year of Thomas & Friends for 2013. I think the DVD is OK and recommendable for the younger audience of the show. Plus the DVDs are showing some improvements with the episode listing and I hope HIT Entertainment really does stick to that for future releases. So let's hope this goes on well for the Thomas fans of America for the year 2013.

Rating: 3/5

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