Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bachmann 2013


Bachmann had first started the range for Thomas & Friends for over ten years and they're still growing strong with their range every year. Today, Bachmann had announced their 2013 range for the show this year and so here are my views on the Bachmann range that will be offered to the fans both young and old during the course of 2013. 

Toby's HO model has been in the range for years now and now Bachmann is making a large scale version of him. I believe he would be a unique to see with the nice shape he has in the TV series. If only for the rolling stock they've made Henrietta, maybe Bachmann might make one for 2014? As of the show being in CGI and much like its predecessors in the large scale range, he will of course have a CGI face as HIT wants all the Thomas merchandise to replicate the TV series. Now to the large scale rolling stock, the light blue generic truck and raspberry syrup tanker, it would bring the same unique way like its other rolling stock models in the past.

I don't collect large scale models, as I don't have a garden to fit one and that they're too expensive to me, but I'm glad that the large scale models are growing and that they do bring the attention to customer on garden model railways and at model railway exhibitions to wow the crowd and I know that Toby will please the younger audiences. 


I never liked the large scale version of the set that they released last year and looking at this set, I find it OK. I like the last two rolling stock with a vent van and conflat wagon with a box for the Christmas reef. But I think they should replace the red truck with a flatbed for the Christmas tree. As a railway enthusiast, it fits more realistically. But maybe then can find ways to fit a Christmas theme for the flatbed if they decided to do it? But it's nice to see the Christmas Thomas locomotive back on the shelves again, though I wish they release that separately. 

Alongside with Duck the Great Western Engine, 'Arry and Bert are now to join in the locomotive line up. Despite that they'll just recycle Diesel's model with the iron works paint job, I'm looking forward to the model replicas of the two diesels, though I think they'll be given a smiling CGI face like Diesel. 

This one I am really looking forward too. A sound chip Thomas loco. With the re-release of the Thomas model, I don't know if they're still using the same face or giving him a CGI face? However, we will wait. 


I don't know what it would be but chances are there'll be a CGI face for it and I'm not really looking forward to it, it could just be another coal truck :P 

While many of the older fans have considered that characters like Trevor or Bulgy should be made this year, which I do agree on, I think Jeremy is a good choice, he hasn't been seen in many episodes. I'm interested in seeing his final model when its released and I might buy him. 

As of Duck's final production model, I will make my views on that around possibly March when he comes from 'The Diesel Works' store from the UK. However, I think he's a stunner. 


I'll be honest, I'm more interested in getting models from Hornby's other ranges like steam locomotives and rolling stock then their Thomas range. I'm not saying that Hornby is bad at it, but with some models being discontinued and no new ones made for 2013 and with Bachmann making characters like Donald and Douglas before Hornby, I'm growing out of it. But I guess we'll never know what Hornby would produce? As of Bachmann's Thomas range this year, I'm not getting my hopes high at this moment. I am looking forward to four models from this range and that is Duck, 'Arry, Bert and the sound chip Thomas. 

As heard on the interent, Bachmann had internet sources of what should be next for the Thomas range for Bachmann which led to the making of Duck. So if any Bachmann officials are reading this, you might consider this in your range for the future:


Even though BoCo has been seen in the series since 1998 and that the young audience are watching the classic episodes and that there are parents today who remember watching the show in its early years who are into railway modelling, it would be nice to see BoCo being in the range.


Daisy hasn't been seen since 2005 and with the same as BoCo. Both diesels can provide some nostalgia and show the new generation of Thomas fans some forgotten characters that may spark a comeback in the new series? 


I know Hornby had re-released theirs last year, but Hornby was more into the detail of Stepney so maybe a model replica of Stepney could be in good order? 


I think Stanley is a top one here on my list, he's a likeable character, both young and old fans do enjoy him and he has great detail and paint work as well. 


OK, I'll be honest, I may not like the episode he was put and how the way he was introduced, but to me I have a soft spot for Stafford. He's unique and loveable and his persona for the character is very normal then the likes of Charlie, Billy and the Logging Locos, which I don't like to see in the range. 

For the rolling stock, I would love to see a replicated model of Rocky:

As for the large scale models, either choice is Gordon, Henry or Edward. I am looking forward at what Bachmann is giving out this year and hope that they still keep making Thomas products for more years.