Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Should The Original Thomas Theme Deserve A Comeback?

With the new changes in term of writing for Thomas & Friends by Andrew Brenner and producer Ian McCue coming soon to television screens in Autumn (fall) 2013, I believe its time for one big question that has been in the minds of Thomas fans everywhere, does the original theme composed by Mike 'O Donnell and Junior Campbell, between 1984 - 2003, deserve a comeback? You made the vote and here are the answers. 

Many Thomas fans, who grew up at the time when Britt Allcroft was the owner of the Thomas franchise, remember the classic theme song that introduce us to the imaginative Island of Sodor that many people have been familiar with. Now that the theme song has been off for nearly ten years, many fans at the time thought it was a shame. 86% (19 votes) show that yes it does deserve a comeback and it's not much of a surprise really when you think about it. The music created by the original composers of the theme song has been known worldwide for many years, it's been remade by recent composer of the series since 2004, Robert Hartshrone, in the Season 16 episode 'Percy and The Calliope' last year, even the people who grew out of Thomas still remember the theme music and if you've seen many older fans' fan made projects on YouTube whether it be Trainz, Hornby, Bachmann, Trackmaster, Wooden Railway, Take 'N' Play, use the classic theme song for their opening intro and closure, but in my opinion it has been overused a lot lately, in videos, but I am one of the people who grew up with the theme song and love to see it making a comeback.

However 4% (1 vote) think that they're not quite sure if it deserves a comeback. Maybe because kids of the new generation of Thomas fans enjoy listening to the recent theme song and it may cause bad reception to the parents today if new changes are made. But from former yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, says that children understand the concept of change.

9% (2 votes) of fans show that 'Engine Roll Call' is fine. When the series was revamped by HIT Entertainment in 2004, many fans, between 1984 - 2003, were outraged by the new changes since the departure of the original composers of the series and that even to this day, many older fans still don't like the theme music, which is now sung by a choir between the 11th - 16th series of the show. In my opinion, I think the children choir had their day and that their singing of new series song is rather bland and boring since S9. The only song from the model era of the show I find entertaining was 'Thomas You're The Leader' sung by Chris Madin. The song was fun, catchy and even though it has the mention of the 'Steam Team', it had a wider expansion of other characters of the show. With Sam Blewitt singing songs from the CGI series as well as the DVD specials, it's nice to know that Robert Hartshrone wants songs focusing for children and parents so they can enjoy it too, as stated by himself, with genre's rock, hillbilly and Irish gaelic music, the songs these days are very entertaining and fun to listen too.

In my final thoughts, it's an obvious choice of who the winner is and that is of course the people who think that the original theme deserve a comeback. As I said before, many fans who grew up during the classic era of the show and people who watched the show when they were kids and grew out of it remembered the theme song to this day. Many kids today of this generation are watching the old Thomas episodes, thanks to DVD releases over the years.