Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Tribute To Two Long Running Narrators...


As many may be aware that the new exclusive DVD 'Railway Mischief' in the US had received a new narrator named Mark Moraghan and since now he'll be narrator for both the UK and US audiences, that means last year, season sixteen and 'Blue Mountain Mystery', was both Angelis and Brandon's last year of service with Thomas & Friends. Both had stand long then any narrator, mainly Michael Angelis. Today I will give you my thoughts on these two narrators and how I like them through out the years with the show.

MICHAEL ANGELIS (1991 - 2012)

After Ringo Starr left the show in favor of his All Starr Band in 1989, the same year 'Shining Time Station' aired in American television, a third season was in production without a narrator and stepped in was the long time running narrator, Michael Angelis. I've enjoyed watching the series with MA's narration from the third season, he brought some enthusiasm and great voices for the engines around the classic era of the show. He gone down to be slow and uninteresting around S9 - 16 but I must give him credit that he still narrated even at the worse of times when the show had its bad writing around S13 - 15. He brought entertainment for two decades and its sad to see him go. But I wish all the best of luck in his other work and that he'll never be forgotten as one of the great Thomas storytellers of all time. 

MICHAEL BRANDON (2004 - 2012)

After Michael Angelis breifly did 'New Friends For Thomas' on DVD in the US, HIT Entertainment approached Brandon on a play called 'Jerry Springer, The Opera' and asked to be narrator of the series from season eight. Although Brandon has a good voice, his character voices were not great, particularly Donald and Douglas, Skarloey, Duncan etc. But he has that friendly voice and his voice work for Diesel was good too, who knows he might still be the voice of the character in S17. Even outside of the show I see how much of a good actor he's been. He has been in past British shows like 'The Bill' and I thought he was well acted. Brandon may not be loved by older fans, but was definitely by the target range of the show. But he also must be given credit, like Angelis, he still narrated the show even during the bad times for the series. 

It's sad to see these two great people go but I think it's time for a change with the narration. But they'll always be remembered for what they've contributed for the show no matter how good or bad they were during the best of time and worse of times. I like to thank them for what they've been doing for Thomas fans both young and old and now I like to wish Mark Moraghan good luck for his narration, so far he sounds good and energetic.