Saturday, 27 April 2013

Do You Consider Good Signs For King Of The Railway After Seeing The Five S17 Episodes?

With 'Railway Mischief' making its official release at Wal-Mart in America on April 9th. Many Thomas fans have been positive on the five episodes that shows much effort. With that, is their consideration that maybe the upcoming DVD special 'King of The Railway' would have good signs due to the writing of the episodes from the DVD? You've all voted and now here are the answers:

55% of people (10 votes) had considered yes, there is good signs for the movie after the written stories. I do think there'll be good signs too after seeing the S17 episodes, especially 'Gordon Runs Dry' as it was written by Andrew Brenner, who'll be writing the 2013 special. The episode has some potential for the older fans, with the reference to 'Trouble In The Shed' when Gordon says that tender engines don't fetch their own coaches, the mention of 'The local' and so on. So with Andrew Brenner on the helm, I think 'King Of The Railway' will be good, but not a masterpiece. 

33% (6 votes) had considered a maybe for the DVD special, which I can understand. Not much people have strong hopes but I think they'll wait and see when the movie is out later this year.

It was a bit of a surprise that there are no votes for the consideration of no. Before 'Railway Mischeif' came out, the two trailers for KOTR came out respectively. There was not much explanation of the plot and the choice of basis for Connor and Caitlin and some of the nay sayers think this is going to be another Sharon Miller script for how the way special would turn out to be. But after seeing the S17 episodes, I think they might've changed their minds

While 11% (2 votes) had said that they've not seen the episodes yet. My guess they could be waiting until the whole of S17 comes out later this year.

Well it looks like 10 people are confident that 'King of The Railway' will be good after seeing the five S17 episodes on YouTube and I for one am as well. We're all getting over the era of the bad writing thats been seen between S9-16 and S17 is taking little steps so far. It looks like we have to wait until September to see this year's special.