Monday, 15 April 2013

S9 Ep.26: Flour Power + Overall


Written by
Abi Grant

Directed by
Steve Asquith 

Air Date:

It was the end of halloween and the Fat Controller had given Thomas a job to take flour to the bakery with Diesel. Since it was halloween night, Diesel thought it would be fun to tease Thomas. Thomas was cross and so he payed back Diesel by turning himself into a ghost with flour all over him which actually frighten him. In the end Thomas delivered all the flour to the bakery on his own. 

- The ERTL Percy and the 2001 poster


There was nothing bad with the episode and it was an OK closer. The plot does seem similar to 'Ghost Train' for a reason and I do like the flour covered Thomas. Plus I do like the use of the ERTL Percy and the '01 poster seen in the boys' room, which was great work by the model makers. The episode is OK in general, but it doesn't feel like a strong storyline. But I like it. 

Rating: 3/5

The second season under the HIT banner and unlike S8 being underrated in my opinion, I think S9 felt weak. It was the start of the awful three strikes formula, though some episode don't seem to have it a lot unlike the CGI series. There were episodes like the Skarloey Railway or Narrow Gauge engines, which ever you prefer, that I find dull and boring and an episode that made me ending up losing respect towards Skarloey and Rheneas until 'Blue Mountain Mystery', which I have to say is the best comeback for the NG engines then the two awful S16 episodes. 

Michael Angelis sound a little bit good and bad with his storytelling but he's getting old. I haven't seen the Michael Brandon version but to be honest, him doing the voices sound nasally and to be honest I remember him doing Skarloey's voice and it was horrible, he almost sound like a clown. I like the man, but he's not a great voice actor, I think he's great as Diesel and its great how they kept him for the role since 'Misty Island Rescue' in the CGI series. 

The music, sounds the same, nice and catchy, but will never be as great as the original composers. The settings were nice and I do like it how they named some locations after the Railway Series, despite that the books were never seen in print at the time, you can see HIT has respect for the classics. In the end, I still find S9 to be weak with its stories. Now that S9 has ended, we'll now move too, Season 10!