Wednesday, 3 April 2013

DVD Review: Bust My Buffers Vol.40


Written by
Jessica Sandys-Clarke
Andrew Viner
Dan and Nuria Wicksman
Sharon Miller
Max Allen


Special Features

Distributed by
HIT Entertainment/Deltamac

Only three episodes made it on two DVDs in the US and the UK, while the last three weren't. This DVD came from China's Deltamac, who released these in mid-2012 when S16 broadcasted for the US, UK and Australian audiences. This DVD shows a good collection of episodes, including the ones that many fans loved since its debut on television last year. So let's us take a look at 'Bust My Buffers Vol.40'. 


The episodes contain, like 'Go Go Thomas' the UK and US version of the DVD, three good episodes. 'Flash Bang Wallop!', 'Percy and The Calliope' and in my opinion, 'Bust My Buffers!' the other two are not complete favourites. The middle two are just poorly written and not worth the watch.

What makes the three episodes special, especially 'Percy and The Calliope' is how the way it turned out to be. With the first episode, 'Flash, Bang Wallop!' mainly because of the photographs of real engines from the mainland, including the famous 'City of Truro'. 'Percy and The Calliope', simple, because of the rendition theme music of the original Thomas theme that played from series 1 - 7. But also it's plot reminded everyone of 'Saved From Scrap', Diesel's vendetta with steam, as the calliope runs by steam to make music and of course its moral about restoration. It's a favourite to fans and to me its an all time favourite, but not close towards a classic series episode. 

To me, with 'Bust My Buffers!', it shows Gordon knowing that he should trust diesels and knew that they're different but really useful (that's getting tiring) but some fans say it has the kind of form of racism and it does show in all honesty with Gordon saying 'You're all yellow and stripy. Yellow and stripy is not grand!', as that happened since 'Misty Island Rescue' were Diesels can't be useful because they're not steam engines, I do know steam and diesel both have a rivalry, but how the way Awdry made it was because of the how the way Diesel behaved on the island in RWS and TVS. The three big engines thought Diesel was nice and good mannered, but with his nicknames of the big three,  just so Duck get into trouble, cost Diesel the respect the three big engines have and they thought all Diesels are bad and troublesome until the likes of BoCo, Mavis, Daisy and Rusty came along. In the series during the HIT era, they're diesels and they both hate each other. 

However, they're all narrated by Michael Angelis, they're in 16:9 widescreen and is region free, despite the use of the region three logo on the DVD's back cover. 

There are no special features unfortunately, but most of these episodes' respective DVDs are all in the order of the sixteenth series so there are, of course, no Mr. Perkins segments. 

Rating: 3/5