Monday, 29 October 2012

S4 Ep.11 Special Funnel


Originally Written by
The Rev.W.Awdry

Adapted for Television by
Britt Allcroft and David Mitton

Air Date:

Winter arrived and Peter Sam was having trouble with his old funnel, ever since his accident with the trucks it wobbles about. Manager says that Peter Sam will be giving a 'special' funnel. A bridge was broken down one windy day and as the bridge was finished, Peter Sam was making his passenger runs. But as he was making his way through a tunnel a thick icicle knocked his old funnel off and later found an old drain pipe. Back at the sheds, everyone teased him. Until at last, his new special funnel arrived, it was Giesl funnel and it made Peter Sam more stronger and the engine stopped their and wished they have one like it.

- Peter Sam without his funnel was good

- The giesl funnel looks like pieces of cardboard glue together and painted it black.
- How the way the funnel was wobbling about, looks dangerous for an engine to run with.
- How can it snow in one scene and then rain without any?
- Why did Peter Sam puffed into the sheds with his passengers? Shouldn't they be at the station?

Again, don't hate it, just found a new nitpicks. One, how on earth did snow one day and then rain the next without snow? It just seems highly illogical and confusing and how the way the funnel was wobbling about, it looks dangerous for an engine even to run with and I know it happened in the RWS book too, but it I think its more better to keep Peter Sam out of service, but then we would have no plot. But my big complaint is the giesl funnel, that looks nothing like a giesl, heck, it looks cardboard glued together and made a smoke stack kind of thing. The real funnel is now on display at the Talyllyn Railway, I saw it and here's a picture:

Even in Australia, one of the 36 class has one and still has it even to this day. The Rev.W.Awdry shows the real size and even Nitrogen Studios showed the actual funnel. Although the story is focused towards the original, but it could've been done better.

Rating: 4.5/5