Thursday, 4 October 2012

S3 Ep.13: Trust Thomas


Written by
Britt Allcroft and David Mitton

Directed by
David Mitton

Air Date:

Bertie the bus was cross that the tar was not delivered as the roads were filled with holes. Thomas promised that he'll get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile, James was in the yard shunting trucks while Percy goes to the harbour. Gordon told James to get him out of the job he has to pretend to be ill. Thomas fell for it and he offered to take James' trucks. The trucks were cross with James for bumping them and decided to get revenge on Thomas instead. The trucks bumped Thomas right to an old jetty and began to sink. Duck took the trucks and Edward took Thomas to the yards. Edward knew about the tar wagons and took them to Bertie. James and Gordon apologised to Thomas and Bertie thanked him as well.

- The realistic thing is the jetty sinking.

- What was the purpose of Thomas stopping at the signal?
- James is also seen at the harbour.
- If the roads are filled with holes, Bertie shouldn't do bus trips.
- Why is Duck there? He should be running his own line.
- Shouldn't Edward take Thomas to the works instead of the yards?

Again, the cons are just nitpicks. But here are the reasons why. First off the signal at the beginning, what was the purpose? There is no explanation why did Thomas stop there, during the third series, he seems to the be the only one running his branch line. Second, if their are holes in the road, why would Bertie be running bus services then? Yes the road looks flat and smooth when he reached to Thomas, but the Bertie should've taken a different route or if there is one route to the bus halfway across his usual route and give the passengers to Thomas. When James is shunting trucks in the yard he was sulking that Percy went to the harbour, yet the setting of it looks like it was part of the harbour. 

The jetty, although they do exist, how did it float, it looks abandoned and why is Duck taking the trucks? Would it be better if it were Percy or Toby? Duck has his own branch line, he needs to run on their. And when Edward was at the yards, there was no explanation why he was there and not at the works? Though there is one realistic thing in the episode and that's the sinking of the jetty. This episode has many faults, but the story is OK. 

Rating: 2.5/5