Friday, 5 October 2012

S3 Ep.14: Mavis


Originally Written by 
The Rev.W.Awdry

Adapted for Television by
Britt Allcroft and David Mitton

Air Date:

Mavis is a young diesel and is full of her own ideas. She shunts the trucks in different places instead of the places Toby wants them and this made him very cross. One day, Mavis was taking some trucks along the quarry line, Toby warned her but Mavis didn't listen about the crossing and the trucks decided to push her around and as they arrived at the crossing, they were stuck. Toby came and pushed her back to the other side. After feeling embarrassed for what she have done, she raced back to the quarry.

- A perfect moral about 'respecting your elders'.

- 'Diesel knew nothing about trucks...' he's an 08 class shunter! of course he'll know about trucks. 
- The branch line now claiming its Toby's? It's Thomas'. Toby's line is closed.

Despite the faults, this episode has a perfect moral about teaching kids to respect their elders. Mavis is a young diesel engine and disrespect Toby by calling him an 'old fusspot', but later on she felt foolish for not taking Toby's advice. Comparing this Mavis to HIT's (S6-16), they really wised her up and to make  her look like she's been taught well. Sure maybe a few faults here and there, but at least her persona is more better then any of the engines in the recent series, look at 'Bust My Buffers' and you can see that.

But there is the faults, first off is Diesel. When the narrator mentioned he knew nothing about trucks. First off, Diesel was never seen nor heard of again in the RWS until Christopher Awdry's one-off book and how would Diesel know nothing about trucks? He's an 08 class shunter. In the RWS it was Daisy who did the talking to Mavis and this role would've fitted her perfectly, such a shame that they left her out in the entire season. 

The branch line claiming to be Toby's, how's that? Toby's line is closed and he works on Thomas' line, despite that the quarry line is privately owned, it is still part of Thomas' line, not Toby's.

The episode has a great moral about respect, but there the faults. 

Rating: 4.5/5