Wednesday, 3 October 2012

S16 Ep.19: The Christmas Tree Express

Well, we've been waiting for months now for this episode, but now its finally here. It's been released in the US on television. I know the episode is listed as the 20th on TTTE Wikia, but I'm going by the original order of S16. So now, here is my views of 'The Christmas (Tree) Express'. But first:


Written by
Sharon Miller

Directed by
Greg Tiernan

Produced by
Nicole Stinn

Air Date:
30/09/12 (US)
25/12/12 (AU)

Rheneas finds the perfect Christmas Tree.

- At least Rheneas is chained down on the well wagon, unlike Bertie.

- The logging locos and Misty Island
- Toby being scared of Misty Island? Yet he's been their twice!
- Toby's US voice.
- 'Winter holidays' 

Well, this episode was not worth the wait. Just like every other Miller kind of story, it followed three strikes and repetitive lines. I've seen the US version, despite that I find some US voice actors making the character's voices a bit cheesy, on YT and I found it terrible, the writing of the episode. Why was Toby scared of Misty Island? Toby has been their twice in the fourteenth and fifteenth series heck Toby went on Misty Island with Bash last year! Also the 'Winter Holidays' reference, many people last year have complained about that. Older fans, Church groups and even Hilary Awdry from the Awdry family have been criticising the whole PC thing last year. If it's a Winter themed episode, don't mention Christmas. If it's a Christmas episode don't mention Winter Holidays. It's really not that hard. I hope the new production team would fix this problem. But I have to say I like how they chained down Rheneas on the well wagon instead of leaving him unchained. But it's also a shame that they dropped the returning character, but even so, a returning character would not make this episode worth watching still.

Even though I find that some of the US voice actors making the character's voice a bit cheesy, some are good like Thomas, Gordon, James etc. But the worse voices I find are Henry, Edward, Percy and even Toby and his US voice does not suit him well. He's sounds like he has a blocked nose. I'm not hating the voice actor of Toby but maybe he should try and do a bit more work on his voice.

As of the UK version of the episode, I still find the episode in its poor state, but the UK voice acting sounds better and Ben Small, the voice behind Thomas, Toby and Rheneas did great work. Thankfully with the good UK voice acting, it didn't ruin my Christmas. 

Next time if ABC Australia and Channel 5's 'milkshake' in the UK have a Christmas episode, they should keep the episode in its listing order and repeat it again in time for Christmas, they did that with the other episodes in the past seasons. All I can say, it's a terribly written episode and I'm glad that this will be the last time will see an episode like this again. Sadly this is the last episode to be aired with Nitrogen studio not animating anymore Thomas episodes. I wish them all the best of luck for their other projects in future and good luck to Arc Productions. 

Rating: 1/5