Thursday, 18 October 2012

S3 Ep.26 Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure + Overall


Written by
Britt Allcroft and David Mitton

Directed by
David Mitton

Air Date:

The village was snowed under due to a snow storm the other night. Thomas and Percy were to help along with Harold, Terence and the workmen. As a thank you for saving them, the villagers board Toby and Henrietta and headed off to Tidmouth sheds. The next morning, the engines were surprised to see a lot of Christmas decorations from the villagers.

- The snow storm was great and was well filmed
- The Christmas decorations in the sheds was great too.

- Percy should know who Santa Claus is as he saw him in the Season 2 Christmas special
- A brake van should be added to Percy's mail train and Thomas' works train
- Where is the village and what's its name?

I have to say, I enjoy watching this on Christmas as well, but, there are a few flaws with the episode. One, why would Percy not know who Santa Claus is? He was at the Christmas party in the second season and where and what is the village? There's no name, no location, its somewhere in the heart of Sodor. But the snow storm was filmed well and the Christmas decorations were a nice touch at the shed. No offence to the Americans, but why does this episode have to mention Thanksgiving? I know it was for the 'Shining Time Station' episode 'Billy's Party', but, what's wrong with leaving this for another Shining Time Station Christmas special? In all honesty, it was unrealistic as Sodor is part of the British Isles and they don't celebrate Thanksgiving there.

Rating: 3.5/5

Personally, I like this season, but the reason of Britt Allcroft and David Mitton making their own stories for the show is simple because the publishers, Kaye and Ward, were outsold by Heinemann Books and the rules were relaxed and were given the rights to create their own episodes. Some were fine and some weren't perfect. Some of the adaptations weren't close to the original story by the Reverend himself and we all know the infamous 'Henry Forest' episode. But, this is the series I'm the most nostalgic to, I watched these episodes first when they were released on VHS. I didn't get to watch the Ringo Starr versions until I was about six years old when I hired the videos at my local library (S1 and S2). Michael Angelis' narration is top notch, he was in full enthusiasm towards this series. I'm not too fond of the US narrations, but I have seen a few episodes with George Carlin, his narration is great and I do love his Scottish accent as well as Angelis' one too. All in all, I give this series a rating of:


The series to me is OK, despite that the adaptations can't always be perfect. But hey, anything's better then the writing from Series 13 - 16. OK now that the third series out of the way, it's now time for Series 4!