Tuesday, 16 October 2012

S3 Ep.24: Heroes


Written by
Britt Allcroft and David Mitton 

Directed by
David Mitton 

Air Date:

Bill and Ben were bored at the china clay works. The Fat Controller told them at the harbour that they have to look after trucks while Edward is taking some children on a special trip. However, unwisely, the twins have been told by the trucks on where to put them and it caused a huge mess while Gordon is to take the evening train. The next day, the twins were working at the quarry. But there was a rock slide and rubble laid all around. Despite that they don't know too much about trucks, they acted bravely in an emergency and were hailed heroes.

- The rock slide was filmed fantastically.
- Gordon's headlamp codes are spot on. 

- Bill and Ben not know much about trucks? I read 'Thomas and The Twins' by Christopher Awdry and in the story 'Down The Drain' and they knew all about the China Clay trucks. 

- Why are they referring that the twins work at the quarry? when really they were owned by the China Clay works.

- Since Bill and Ben are sorting things out, they could at least get help from Edward or Boco with the shunting since its nearing dusk.

I do enjoy the episode, but their are three faults. I hate the fact that in the episode it stated that Bill and Ben knew nothing about trucks. They work in the china clay pits, they are built to shunt trucks and they have a clear knowledge about the china clay trucks, read 'Down the Drain' in 'Thomas and The Twins' they have clear knowledge. And I hate how the way they are referring that the china clay pits is the quarry when really the only quarry is the Anopha Quarry on Thomas' branch line.

And since that Bill and Ben are sorting the trucks about which made Gordon late with his evening train, why can't Edward or BoCo help, they wouldn't have anything else to do. But despite the three flaws, there are some good sides towards the episode. The rock slide was filmed fantastically, kudos to David Mitton for the dramatic shots and scenes and I do like how the signal codes match Gordon's job. It add some realism towards the model. 

The episode is OK, but there are the flaws. 

Rating: 3/5