Tuesday, 6 March 2012

S16 Ep: 20 Happy Birthday Sir!

And so we come to an end of an era. The end of Sharon Miller's era as Head Writer and sadly, the end of Nitrogen's contribution to the world of Thomas. Greg Tiernan and Nicole Stinn have brought wonder with the animation to keep the show alive for the young generation of Thomas fans today, despite the writing style. Arc Productions will carry the torch now of the little blue engine and his friends. But there is a bright side towards the series in the future. It turns out that the new production team of Thomas & Friends at HIT Entertainment knows the history of the show and the Railway Series books, as announced by Sodor Island Fansite (SiF) and it will give better writing, better voicing and better animation. So today's episode, which concludes Season 16, despite an episode delay, is:


Written By Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Thomas and Winston, the new track inspection vehicle, restore an open-top carriage for the Fat Controller's birthday.



- The carriage that was used in this episode is based on the one that the National Railway Museum's 'Rocket' replica hauls on its demonstration line around the museum yard at York.

- Winston was not introduced well
- Typical three strikes
- With Thomas being a heavy locomotive and crashing to the back of Winston, Winston's driver could of have whiplash. 

Rating: 2/5

Despite that this is the final episode written by Sharon Miller and her last episode as head writer, this episode is flat out boring. I do have to admit, it was interesting to see the Fat Controller as a young man and it was great how Nitrogen have animated one of the carriages that the National Railway Museum's 'Rocket' replica hauls around the museum yard for demonstrations and it even made an apperance in 'Thomas and The Great Railway Show' by Christopher Awdry in story 'Trouble on The Line'. The coach is this, in the middle:

But like every other episode, there is the typical three strikes and a new character not being introduced too well. But it was nice to see that they do keep a good interaction with the RWS with Edward being the first engine on the railway.

And that draws to an end of the Sixteenth season of Thomas & Friends, thank you to everyone who read these reviews. However, since that 'The Christmas Express' is not on the air yet, I will be making a special Christmas review of the episode in December. Now, I would like to give a few thank you's to the people behind the CGI era of Thomas & Friends. 

First off:

- Sharon Miller: Despite the writing style she brought from the series since 2005, she did write a few good things even before the CGI era of the show. The DVD specials were great such as 'The Great Discovery', 'Hero of The Rails', 'Misty Island Rescue' and 'Day of The Diesels', despite their flaws and there have been a few episodes that were good such as 'Thomas and The Runaway Car' and maybe a few more. She maybe not the best writer, but she tried hard and sometimes succeed, but that's me saying. I wish her good luck as voice director in many years to come.

- Nicole Stinn: Like her husband, she's a Railway Series fan too and was a dedicated producer at Nitrogen Studios working on Thomas & Friends, she brought wonders towards the series alongside her husband and I wish her all the best of other upcoming projects that Nitrogen Studios are creating.

- The Nitrogen Studios Production Team: The ones that provides us the wonderful visuals and who work day and night on the Thomas episodes and Movies, they deserve a pat on the back or a beer for the wonderful job they created. I wish them all the best too of the other projects that Nitrogen is offering.

And last, but not least, the big thanks of all, goes to:

- Greg Tiernan: Like his wife, a proud fan of the Railway Series and dedicated towards the show. HIT chose the right man for the CGI era as of course he is a railway enthusiast, who also provides the visuals every day and night and we praise his work despite the writing style of the show. I would like to thank him, his wife and the team and good luck towards other projects that his studio are facing.

All I can say is...

Thank You Nitrogen Studios
(2009 - 2012)

But, I would like to say to Arc Productions is, good luck and I hope you have the proud dedication the way Greg Tiernan and his team had during the past three years and also good luck to the new head writer Andrew Brenner, I've seen one of his magazine stories 'One Bump Too Many' and I found it entertaining. 

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