Saturday, 24 March 2012

DVD Review: きかんしゃトーマス ようこそソドー島へ たのしいなかま初登場編

きかんしゃトーマス ようこそソドー島へ たのしいなかま初登場編
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I now have two Thomas DVDs from Japan. The first one, which I'll review later is called 'きかんしゃトーマス大集合!! みんなぼくに のりにおいでよ' which showcases many things in Japan with Thomas content with their theme parks (Thomas Land and Thomas Town), trains, buses etc. This one, that I'll be reviewing has six episodes from Seasons 2, 5, 6 and 7 and a little documentary of all the engines on Sodor from the classic series and new series of Thomas the Tank Engine. 

It's actually interesting to buy Thomas DVDs coming from Japan as their content is always interesting to see with their DVD menus and covers. The cover shows pictures from the Series 1 - 9 all photoshopped together including some rare angles from the early years of Thomas like 'Break Van'. 

The episodes that are provided here are:

- Duck Takes Charge
- Cranky Bugs
- Salty's Secret 
- Elizabeth The Vintage Lorry
- Emily's New Coaches 
- The Spotless Record

All narrated by Leo Morimoto. It's hard to find restored episode from the first three seasons of Thomas. Australia only has the restored Season one episodes on iTunes and a few of Season 2 and 3 on 'The Best of Thomas & Friends Vol. 1' DVD , America only has the first season on 'The Early Years' DVD, England as restored episode on 'The Best of's Thomas, James and Percy' DVDs and 'Thomas and The Missing Christmas Tree' from a Newspaper offer back in 2009, here there is one and that is 'Duck Takes Charge', which is here. While England have the S6 and S7 episodes in 16:9 widescreen, Australia also have the 16:9 widescreen for the seventh season, Japan has the 4:3 full screen episode for both, which can be found on the US DVDs. 

After the episodes, we're given a documentary of all the characters that have been introduced on Thomas from S1-9 including 'City of Truro', despite him not being one of the Fat Controller's engines. The documentary contains some footage from S1-S3 with restored footage. 

The language feature is only in Japanese, but I think many of the hardcore Thomas fans would understand the episode anyway since we've them many times before. But it was great seeing voice actors doing the show for the Japanese audiences' and they do have enthusiasm for the engines giving their personalities. Leo Morimoto did provide some smooth narration. Now for the pricing:

This DVD cost me, on Amazon Jp:

¥ 2,229

According to XE, these are the prices of how much this DVD cost from their own country. 

ENGLAND:  £17.05
AMERICA: $27.06
CANADA: $27.01

Is this DVD worth the money with six episodes and one special feature? Well if you know the Japanese language then it will worth it, if you're interested in seeing some Japanese Thomas content like me, well it's a treat for Thomas fans alike.

I'm still in plans to buy more, but maybe in a few weeks or months.