Friday, 2 March 2012

S16 Ep: 16 Whiff's Wish

Australia's almost at the end of Season 16, the end of the Sharon Miller era as head writer and sadly the end of Nitrogen Studio's contribution for Thomas & Friends. Fans have been wondering, since the clips of 'Blue Mountain Mystery' have been found from the Thomas website, about Duncan's apperance, well I can safely say that he will be in the episode 'Don't Bother Victor', as announced on TheTopHatts' 'Roll Along Thomas' blog, which will be on air here in Australia in the next two days. But today's episode is focused on the rubbish engine himself, Whiff in:

Written by Andy Bernhardt
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

Whiff would so like to be as fast, strong and loud as Spencer. He thinks he is a very grand engine indeed. But Whiff's dreams lead to his undoing.



- I remember last year hearing fans saying, 'Why is Henry not pulling The Flying Kipper anymore since Season 5?' Well, today's episode mentioned the well-known fish train.

- Charlie is seen doing some work, but if he has an episode or a minor role to himself, he's a less work and more play engine.

- Despite his 5 seconds of the camera, Thomas didn't get a role in this episode at all.

- The writing at the beginning did bring some realism towards the engines, eg. Salty shunts trucks at Brendam Docks, which his basis, BR Class 07 is capable of doing and Henry, being a Black 5, hauling a fish train as the LMS Black 5's are capable to haul Fish trains.

- The yards at Wellsworth changed a little bit. 

- This episode felt a bit like 'Dream On' from Season 11 and a bit of 'Emily's Rubbish' from the same season as well.

- Their are alliteration and rhyming from the narrator

- Percy could at least shunt the trucks himself into the siding then rather being on the main line.

This episode is good and it did leave me with a few impressed views. First off, I'm glad they brought back 'The Flying Kipper' in this episode, despite being in their for three seconds and the opening did bring some realism towards the engines' job like Salty shunting trucks, Thomas working on his branch line and Percy carrying the mail. But when I read the plot this morning on TheTopHatts' blog on my way to work on my iPhone 4, I had a feeling that it was rewrite of 'Dream On'. It did a little bit and with the ending of Percy being blocked by the rubbish trucks, even though he should at least shunt them himself, did remind me of the bit when Emily found out that the rubbish trucks were blocking Spencer's way.

However the episode has a good moral about being yourself. Many people might not like it, but as I said before, that is their opinions.

Rating: 4/5

Tomorrow: Welcome Stafford