Wednesday, 28 March 2012

S13 Ep.1: Creaky Cranky

In 2007, HIT Entertainment were in financial trouble and so the decision was made to turn their shows like 'Bob The Builder', 'Angelina Ballerina', 'Fireman Sam' and even 'Thomas & Friends'  into CGI. Sodor Island announced the news a year later when 'The Sun' newspaper announced it. Like many fans I was filled with anger over the decision but after seeing the S12 picture on Nitrogen Studio's website, lead by Railway Series fan Greg Tiernan, I decided to give them a chance and afterwards, they won me over.

2009 saw the full switchover with 'Hero of The Rails' debuting Nitrogen's contribution. The following year was a new decade, the 2010's, the year when the Railway Series turned 65 years old. The first series by Nitrogen, Series 13 was on air and....It didn't turn out well by the fans. Not by animation, but by the writing style and today I'll be reviewing episodes from S13 each day. But first:


The first episode that we're going to look first is:

 Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tiernan 
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date (UK):

It is the day of the spring party at the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House. Thomas arrives at Brendam Docks to collect eggs for the children to paint when he sees James and Henry leaving with their loads for the party. Once Cranky unloads the box of eggs, Thomas teases Cranky by calling him "Creaky Cranky", and Cranky teases Thomas back by calling him "Tiny Thomas".

- The animation did well in its debut 

- This has to be one of the weakest openers that I ever seen.
- The plot is of course the 'typical three strikes your out' formula.
-I'm pretty sure one flatbed of straw bales would be easy for Thomas to push. 
- The alliteration is bad like 'With a creak and a crank and a crank and a creak'. 
- Cranky still manages to bring Thomas down onto the tracks with one of the cables broken? Wouldn't that make Thomas derail when he is lowered?
- I don't think a full flatbed of part is going fix that one cable from Cranky's arm? 

This episode, in my opinion is one of the weakest episodes. The only positive thing about this episode is the quality of animation by the dedicated team at Nitrogen Studios. The episode, by its writing has many problems. Yes, the typical three strikes, the alliteration and some unrealistic moments. There could be some people who like this episode, but I'm one of those people who don't. 

Rating:  1/5