Monday, 19 March 2012

Alan Pegler (1921 - 2012)

Sorry that I haven't made a blog for a while, but life gets in the way of things. But reviews are coming soon so don't worry. However, I do like to write about someone who inspired the railway preservation community by preserving a world famous steam locomotive that is now going under a full restoration project at York and a wonderful scenic view of Ffestiniog Railway in Wales. This man is named, Alan Pegler.

Today on Facebook, it was announced that Alan Pegler have passed away today at age 91. For those people who don't know about this man, here is a little history lesson about him.

Alan Pegler was the first owner of the 'Flying Scotsman' since 1963 and his ownership ended in 1972 after the engine's ill-fated trip to America due to finance problems. Earlier in 1954, Alan Pegler was also the saviour of the 'Ffestiniog Railway' in the Welsh Highlands. I look up to this man when it comes to railway preservation and I'm proud for what he did for the whole of Britain, even though I'm from Australia. It's a sad thought that he never got the chance to see the Flying Scotsman in action once again. I give all my love and support to the Pegler family and I hope that the National Railway Museum will give this man the honour when his legendary engine returns to steam.

Alan Pegler
(1921 - 2012)