Saturday, 29 June 2013

S12 Ep.20: Best Friends + Overall


Written by
Anna Starkey 

Directed by
Steve Asquith 

Air Date:

The brass band is arriving at the docks and Percy wanted to pull them to Great Waterton. But Thomas got the job and he didn't want to hurt Percy's feelings. But Percy discovered it at the docks and was upset. But Thomas had an idea for Percy. 

- Moral: Value of friendship
- Neville's speaking role.
- A nice closure to the model era of the series

- N/A

This episode is a nice closure to the season and as well an era. The episode shows a nice and understanding moral of friendship through Thomas and Percy and showing that Thomas doesn't want to hurt Percy's feelings that he (Thomas) was to pull the brass band to Great Waterton but ended up anyway seeing how he didn't tell Percy about it but made up when Thomas offered the job to Percy by taking the brass band members to the docks. It was nice to see Neville having a few more lines, despite it being for one second and having to be a bit pointless but its better then his other episode, in which he debuted. The episode brings such a heartwarming story that it feels like a happy ending to the model era of the show. I'm glad that they've ended the era with a good story and that it brings a nice watch for anyone. 

Rating: 4/5

And so we end months of reviews of all series of Thomas the Tank Engine between S1-12 and we also end the era of the models of the series. But I'll be honest, the models were getting to be a bore from S10-12, but I'm not saying that they're bad, heck I love the models when I was a kid and I had mixed emotions about the whole change, but I've accepted it and moved on. With the episodes there are some good and some bad but that doesn't mean its a horrid season. The narration for Michael Angelis was brilliant but I can see why they decide to have a voice cast, one narrator with CGI material being used does get off putting. And some of the models of the new characters do look good.

But there are the usual three strikes episodes and repetitive dialogue from the characters and some of the stories are easily predictable, that might go to the other series of the HIT-era, but it's not as annoying as the CGI stories between S13-16. As of the CGI, the animation was in its early stages and they were trying to make it like the models' faces. But it wasn't 100% perfect, but they manage to get the hearts of
Thomas fans when the show went full CGI since 2009.

The models had done an outstanding job for the past 24 years and were a great part of every person's childhood. The dedicated people on the show like Steve Asquith, Terry Permane and David Eves had done great work with people who came and went, Britt Allcroft, David Mitton, Ringo Starr, Pierce Brosnan, to make Thomas the Tank Engine an entertaining show, they deserve full credit into making the show that are part of people's childhoods or lives. They've done wonders bringing the Awdry characters to life, as well as some non-Awdry characters. I wish them all the best in what they've chose after Thomas.

And thank you to all who read these reviews, I hope you've enjoyed reading, despite that if there were differences between you and me, as much as I enjoyed making them. More of my views in Season 17 will be up in October.