Tuesday, 11 June 2013

S12 Ep.1: Thomas and The Billboard

Five years ago, 2008, was a big step in the history of Thomas the Tank Engine. Sodor Island had announced that the series will be turned into CGI with HIT's other brands due to money problems. Series 12 shows the progress of the CGI transformation of the show by Greg Tiernan, who is now former director of the show now since the animation was transferred to Arc Productions in 2011, and his crew at Nitrogen Studios. The last ever Thomas production to show case the models in its entire form was 'The Great Discovery' narrated by Pierce Brosnan, which brings the narrator. In 2007, HIT announced that Pierce Brosnan will become the new narrator for Thomas & Friends for three specials and seasons and so replace the long term narrator Michael Angelis and American narrator Michael Brandon. However, for some unknown reason, they've returned for the series. So let us finish off this nine month review with Season 12. I've done my S13-16 review last year, so you can view them in the 2012 category. Let's start with the first episode 'Thomas and The Billboard', but first, the usual:


Written by
Mark Robertson 

Directed by
Steve Asquith 

Air Date:

It was Knapford station's birthday and a special billboard is to be printed to celebrate the day. The billboard is to have all the engines all Tidmouth sheds. But as the photographer was taking the picture, Diesel accidentally moved right in front of Thomas. But Thomas thought he was moved right in front of him on purpose and so was cross. But in the end he lost the billboard in the water and a new photo was to be taken which made the engines late for their jobs.

- The CGI looks amazing

- A billboard can't be made in a day.
- The accident with the billboard was unrealistic

Possibly one of the good Thomas openings for a new series in CGI. The faces aren't 100% perfect, but they were in the early stages and they were better when series 13 came into broadcast. But with the CGI it makes everything on Sodor more lifelike (the workmen are a notable one). But despite it being a good opening episode, there are the usual flaws with the episode. I know it's a kids show, but a billboard can't be made in just one day. The accident, I find it unrealistic, was the rope too weak? It would've been better if Thomas was diverted to a siding, not a branch line, a branch line is a singular track but it has stations, and a loose tree branch ripped up the poster? It would've been much more better.

But despite those two cons, it's still a good opening episode and I think it's worth a few watches.

Rating: 4/5