Tuesday, 25 September 2012

S3 Ep.3: Time For Trouble


Originally Written by
The Rev.W.Awdry

Adapted for Television by
Britt Allcroft and David Mitton 

Air Date:

The Fat Controller decided to give Gordon a rest and asked James to do his work. James began boasting about himself taking the express and being vain about his red paint. He met up with Toby at the water tower boasting about his new job. Toby dosen't care, but then the Fat Controller arrived and told Toby to go to the works to be mended. Toby wanted to take Henrietta, but the Fat Controller said no and Percy offered to look after her. As Toby was making his way, he ran out of water, due to a new signalman, wanting the platform to move out of the way for James. Percy took Toby's driver back to the station for help and James had to push him towards the works station. 

- I love how Toby is connected to Henrietta.

- Such a shame that Gordon's London trip was not even mentioned nor even made, I'll mention that later. 
- Why is Toby's driver heading back to Lower Tidmouth on Henrietta? 

Again, I have no problems with the episode with the same reason as mentioned in my 'Percy's Promise' review. To start off here is the reason why 'Gordon Goes Foreign' was not even made. There was going to be an episode focusing on that, according to Bob-Gauld Galliers, who was art director of the show at the time, on an SiF interview, but due to the story being to high budget, the idea was dropped. Such a shame that a story like that was dropped and I know because the budget was tight at the time of production. But it's a shame that Gordon's trip to London was not even mentioned in the episode and that his usual express journey tires him out when his trip to London would be even more tiring when running from Barrow to London's Kings Cross would take about 4hrs non-stop. 

And also, why was Toby's driver heading back to Lower Tidmouth by Henrietta. Percy would have to be on Thomas' branch line, not the main line and in the book 'The Eight Famous Engines', his driver put detonators on the track to warn James that Toby is ahead, here it's not even seen, mentioned and not even heard of. 

But I do have one praise for this episode and that is how Toby feels sad that he can't take Henrietta with him. It goes to show you that Toby is connected to his loveable coach like a husband would do to his wife and that's the one thing I like about the engines having a firm relationship with their carriages, they love them and don't want to leave them.

But again, I don't have any problem with the episode overall. It's just the visuals I nitpick. The episode itself is OK.

Rating: 3.5/5