Thursday, 13 September 2012

S2 Ep.16: Break Van

The reason for the delay was in honor of respect of the victims of 9/11.



Originally Written by
The Rev.W.Awdry

Adapted for Television by
Britt Allcroft, David Mitton & Robert Cardona

Air Date:

Donald and Douglas arrived from Scotland to help with the Fat Controller and his engines, but only one has been expected. The twins meant well but did caused confusion. Donald and Douglas were given their respected numbers, but the Fat Controller is still in thoughts of which engine to send home.
One day a brake van was in the yard and has taken a dislike to Douglas. His trains were late and he was blamed which made Donald cross. The Spiteful brake van behaved, but Donald crashed into a signal box and made the Fat Controller cross, so James has to take over with the goods work and made him very cross. The trucks were troublesome with James and Douglas was offered the job to help James up Gordon's Hill. James was losing steam and with the weight of the train, the spiteful brake van was crushed! The Fat Controller was cross, but Edward praised him that Douglas was grand and he can work hard enough for three. But the Fat Controller wasn't sure to make up his mind. But that's another story.

- This is one of the Thomas episode that you actually see break apart.
- Ringo's scottish accent was great, despite that his normal voice gets in the way.

- The opening was rushed.

The episode that started the speculation of 'The Missing Coach' as according to Britt Allcroft the episode is 'too confusing for the young audience'. I've read the story multiple times and it didn't confuse me. But on her Facebook page she stated that there were production deadlines and story problems but she couldn't get more money and time. It also stated by the late David Mitton himself from an SiF interview that he's still in possession of the 1500 colour reversal shots of the episode as the photographs were taken by Clearwater's Terry Permane who does outstanding photographs for Thomas and TUGS. Though some of the pictures made their way through annuals and magazines and I remember I had this picture, that started the discovery in 2004, as a magnet from a model railway exhibition back in the 1990's:

Such a shame that the planned episode got replaced by this one. The story would be a great way to introduce the twins more properly. But thanks to Bachmann for making the twins in their accurate designs, there are always fan-made episodes. Some are great, but this one I think nails it. If only Ringo's narration was found, that if they've recorded the lines first before filming:


Now on with the episode, the opening seems rushed, I believe they did film the entire episode of 'The Missing Coach' and since it was cancelled, they used some of the footage for the episode with some new narration from Ringo Starr. But this is one of the Thomas episodes that you actually get to see something break apart. These days it would be scary for kids, it didn't to me and neither did S.Cruffey's. Ringo Starr does a good scottish accent, but sometimes he brings his normal voice towards them, but hey not everyone is perfect at something. The episode is OK, but I believe 'The Missing Coach' would've been a better choice for Donald and Douglas' introduction towards the series.

Rating: 3/5