Tuesday, 18 September 2012

S2 Ep. 22 Wrong Road


Originally Written by
The Rev.W.Awdry

Adapted for Television by
Britt Allcroft, David Mitton and Robert Cardona

Air Date:

Thomas and Edward's branch line are different then the tracks and bridges on the main line. The bigger engines like Gordon and Henry can't run on them as they are not strong enough. One day, Gordon was boasting about that branch line diesels are pulling main line trains. One night, Gordon and Edward were taking their trains, but Gordon's driver accidentally thought the guard waved his green flag when really it was a lady's green floppy hat as she was saying goodbye to a friend on Gordon's train and he left passengers, luggage and the guard behind. By the time Gordon arrived back, Edward was already late, but the signalman wasn't notified about the change and Edward was sent on the main and Gordon was sent on the branch. Next day, Bill and Ben were teasing him by calling him a pile of scrap and they should dump him in the sea. Thankfully BoCo came to save the day.

- It's great to hear the differences of the branch and main line
- Headlamp codes of Gordon and Edward

- Despite that Edward has lamp codes, he has the wrong ones
- Gordon can't go on the branch lines and yet he manages to be at Brendam, which is on Edward's branch line.

The episode is another personal favourite, but I point out one error. The narrator says that 'The Fat Controller does not allow the heavier main line engines like Gordon to run on them.' and yet, he manages to go to Brendam which is part of Edward's branch line, bit of a flaw there, but mistakes are made and I'm not hating on it. I do like the fact that Gordon and Edward were wearing actual head codes, Gordon's one is right, but Edward's isn't. Edward's one is the same's as Gordon. He's either taking express passengers, breakdown train or that if there's snow, a snowplough en route to their job.

What Edward really needs to wear is either, one on top near his funnel for 'stopping'. To find out more about signal codes, please click here

This RWS story shows Gordon's hatred against Diesels, but he found out that BoCo is the most beautiful site he had ever seen. Much more better then HIT's recent episode were they say that Diesels are not useful because they don't run on steam, make a mistake, realised it, have a laugh and then forget about in the next episode or season. Here we see Gordon accepting Diesels and in the RWS he still respect them, though he has some grudge against the boastful ones. I enjoy the episode, despite the errors.

Rating: 4/5