Wednesday, 1 August 2012

S1 Ep.1: Thomas and Gordon


1984 saw the year when Apple computer rose to fame with their famous ad for their new computer, "Why 1984 isn't like '1984'", the year when UK coal miners went on strike as the government at the time was to close down many coal mines, The famine incident had hit Africa and Bob Geldof along with friends and other musicians and singers come together to bring a charity single to raise funds to help out the people with a record called 'Do They Know Its Christmastime' and starting its debut on national television on ITV was children series that ended to be one of the greatest brands for kids and that is called 'Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends'.

The offer was made by Britt Allcroft at the Bluebell Railway on a rainy day in 1979. Allcroft bought half the rights from the Railway Seires' publishers with David Mitton from Clearwater Features to work on the live action animation, Mike O' Donnell and Junior Campbell with the music and Ringo Starr providing the narration for the show, the hit show was made and it all started with this episode:


Adapted for Television by
Britt Allcroft, David Mitton & Robert Cardona

Originally Written By

Air Date:

Gordon gets revenge on Thomas for teasing him.

- We're introduced with Thomas and Gordon, along with Henry for the first time. 
- Its a rarity to see engines pulling their trains backwards when seen shunting. 

- Why was James there? He was suppose to be in the final story. Yes, there was a red engine in the RWS, 'Egale' as he's known in the fan base, but he was painted with red wheels and no number five. I would be nice though to see a model him, from using James' model.

So the first episode has been made and what do I think of it? To me, it was great. We're given a chance to know who Thomas is and what his job is and what his personality is, a cheeky fussy little engine who shunts coaches and trucks at the big station yards and he likes to play tricks on the big engines, especially Gordon. This episode shows you how the engines act like children and the punishment they get, makes them learn in more years to come. 

It's also great to see other characters like Henry and Gordon, even though we won't see Henry until the next two episode and its also a rarity to see an engine pulling their trains backwards! Something that the many other series missed out on. I understand one flaw and that is James being their. In the second book, James wasn't suppose to come to North Western Railway until the last story and he was painted in black paint. In the first book, a red engine, goes by the name of 'Egale' from the fans, is to be on Sodor, but with red wheels and no number five. 

But this episode is enjoyable and I would watch again and again on my iPad. 

Rating: 5/5