Friday, 31 August 2012

S2 Ep.6: Thomas and Trevor


Originally Written by
Christopher Awdry

Adapted for Television by
Britt Allcroft, David Mitton & Robert Cardona

Trevor the traction engine enjoys his life in the vicarage, but he feels lonely. Edward told him great news that he's going to take Trevor to help out with the Fat Controller's new harbour on Thomas' branch line. This made Trevor very happy. When Thomas was to pick him up, he was surprised to know what a traction engine is. Thomas didn't like the thought at first, but as he saw Trevor hard at work he understands how useful he was. But everyone was sad that it was time for Trevor to go and Trevor was sad too, but Thomas says that they may need him at the harbour one day. 

- The new location, Dryaw Harbour looks great
- The friendship between Thomas and Trevor was acceptable 

- How did Trevor get loaded and unloaded from Thomas and Edward's flatbed?
- Why did Trevor go across the level crossing before Thomas came into the station a few seconds later?

This is by far the only Thomas story by an Awdry that is not from any Railway Series book, but the strange thing is, why was this adapted in 1986 when the story came out in 1988? I don't know? But I do have the original annual story and it pretty much sticks to the original. The new location of the harbour was very nice, I especially love the station and would've been nice to see the big engines going past on top of the bridge. I do like the developing friendship between Thomas and Trevor earlier in the episode, Thomas didn't like Trevor at first because he's not a steam engine, but now he understands how useful a traction must be. Something that the recent Thomas episodes are missing with the whole Steamie vs. Diesel racism kind of plot as they accept Diesels and then forget about it in other episodes.

But there are two minor errors, like how did Trevor get loaded and unloaded from Edward and Thomas' train? And why did Trevor just go over the level crossing before Thomas came a few seconds later? But it's still great, the settings are great, the story is great and its one of those simple stories that are always enjoyable.

Rating: 4/5