Thursday, 19 July 2012

Movie Review: Day of The Diesels

So now we come to final review of Thomas movies as Australia will start the world premiere of 'Blue Mountain Mystery' in two days, in Australia. A review of that movie will be published in September as I'm seeing it in the UK at  Startford's VUE cinema on September 1st with other YouTube Thomas members. So, after 'Misty Island Rescue' and the dreaded Season 15 episodes, we now come to Thomas' sixth movie and that is 'Day of The Diesels' released in 2011 which was also the year Rev.W.Awdry would've celebrated his 100th birthday. This movie has more new characters and a new location and the return of an old character. Plus this was the first DVD to have a Blu-Ray release in the UK. So sit back and enjoy, 'Day of The Diesels.' and the usual:


Written by
Sharon Miller

Directed by
Greg Tiernan

Produced by
Nicole Stinn

Release Date:
1/09/11 (AUS)

My expectations for this movie weren't very high after seeing the Season 15 episodes when the UK first broadcast the series, you can see my review about the season 15 episodes on my blog. But after seeing this, I'm glad they played this after Season 15. This movie has great action, music and better yet, this movie wasn't focused entirely on Thomas, which is a big step for a Thomas movie, as the movie is focused on Percy and no rhyming from the characters. But there are a few flaws

Why would Diesel 10 ask Percy to ask Thomas to ask the Fat Controller for a new diesel works? Percy could easily do it himself, heck he is one of the Fat Controller's engines and why did Diesel 10 says 'But the Fat Controller doesn't listen to diesels. He only listens to steamies.' when really the Fat Controller talked to Diesel in Season 14's 'Diesel's Special Delivery' and even with others like Mavis, 'Arry, Bert, Den, Dart etc. in other episodes? 

The character introductions weren't that great too. First off is Belle, we never knew why she came to the island in the first place. Is she here to help the engines with extra work? Did the Fat Controller bought or hire her for some reason? Why? Well that happens to the other characters that were introduced from Season 9 and then their's Den and Dart, they are good characters, but they also have no explanation as why are they here? They just work at the Dieselworks and yet we have more discriminations and pointing out the obvious from Thomas saying to Belle that the Diesel works is full of diesels and that diesels can be devious. As I said in my 'Misty Island Rescue' review, I know they have a rivalry, but Thomas is now an educating show and they need a moral about respecting others no matter what you are, heck they spread that message in 'Calling All Engines!'

There is also Percy's new persona, he's not cheeky anymore, he's just a naive little engine and it shows. When Diesel was at the docks telling Percy that Thomas is spending more time with Belle and Flynn, Percy should know by now that he should not trust Diesel and his devious antics. There is also Sidney. During the promotions of 'Day of The Diesels', they gave him his name, his persona, his take-n-play and wooden railway toy and yet we get a three second appearance from him and that's it. No voice and no mention, just him laughing over Percy's 'joke'. 

There was also the invasion of the steamworks. Why invade the Steam works when its just the diesel playing around on the turntable and why did Victor leave the steamworks to tell the Fat Controller earlier about Kevin's disappearance, he's narrow gauge, he can't run on the standard gauge track.  

But I do have a few pros for this movie. I'm actually glad that they focused the special entirely on Percy instead of Thomas it gives a breath of fresh air for once. Diesel is back in his S2 persona during the first act of the special, being devious, Wellsworth made a comeback in full CGI, the comeback of Diesel 10 and the perfect moral of 'Everyone must wait their turn'. But, in my opinion, the best part was when Diesel 10 says 'It's been a very long time.' When he and Percy met at the Dieselworks and it made me wonder, did the writer did that by accident or did she watch 'Thomas and The Magic Railroad', despite that Percy and Diesel 10 never had a scene together? I'm glad they did that instead of meeting each other as two completely different engines that haven't met before.   

There was also the route from the Dieselworks to the Steamworks. According to the Sodor map, if you want to travel to Crovans Gate, which is where the Steamworks is set at. You have to go to Vicarstown, which is where the Dieselworks is set, head straight into Henry's tunnel and then you reach the destination. Which so happens in this movie. And to be honest, I love the scene when the steam engines race to the steamworks, the music made the scene great, but it can be unrealistic with the engines speed limit.

In my opinion, this is a good Thomas movie. It learn't from the mistakes of 'Misty Island Rescue' and I do hope that 'Blue Mountain Mystery' would be the same.

Rating: 4/5

And that is it everyone, I do hope you all enjoyed my reviews on all the Thomas movies and now its time for 'Blue Mountain Mystery'. As I said earlier, a review will be up on September 2012. Watch for my Series 1 review on July 31st, I'll be reviewing all the episodes everyday. Since I'll be away to Europe from August 11th - September 16th, all of the reviews will be scheduled and I could be on the internet from time to time. So look for those.