Sunday, 19 August 2012

S1 Ep.20: Whistles and Sneezes



Adapted for Television by
Britt Allcroft, David Mitton & Robert Cardona

Originally Written by
The Rev.W.Awdry

Air Date:

With Henry back on Sodor with his new shape, Gordon was jealous. Henry was sad that Gordon was criticising due to his (Gordon) envy. Later at Wellsworth, Edward and Henry heard an unfamiliar whistle and it turns out it was Gordon, his whistle valve was out of place and made an awful noise. Next day, as Henry was making his with the express, two little boys spotted him on a bridge and threw stones at him. As an act of payback, Henry blew ashes at them and in the end, Henry taught the two little boys and Gordon a lesson, with a Whistle and a Sneeze.

- The steam effect coming out of Gordon's Whistle
- The stop-motion of Henry's face to blow out the soot
- The broken glass on the carriages look real.
- Perfect moral in the Sneeze part of the story about 'Respect other people's property.' 

- Why was Thomas shoehorned at the sheds? He's suppose to be on his branch line?

Another episode with two Railway Series merged together and I love it. This is the episode were the effects turn out great at the time. The steam effect when Gordon was getting his whistle valve in place was great, how did they do that? The broken glass on the carriages were great too and it looked so real when you see the cracks, the stop motion of Henry's face when he's about to blow soot while still moving was great too. The sneeze part of the story does have a moral about 'Respecting other people's property.' The owner (Henry) would get mad and wanted to get something back at them for not treating it right. Most people who have kids who grew up with the new Thomas might say the episode shows meanness and not being a positive influence on kids, well they should look at the morals of today's Thomas episodes, like not treating Diesels equally, a certain engine not being a rescue engine and did save the rescue engine but with no apology at the end etc. 

If a child damaged stuff, you will give them a punishment, but not like what Henry did. Plus this is just entertainment for kids too. But this episode is still great it has great effects, story and even a great moral.

Rating: 5/5