Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Views On: King of The Railway Trailer


After the success of 'Blue Mountain Mystery', it has been announced in late 2012 that a new special is in the works entitled 'King of The Railway', written by Andrew Brenner and with new animation by Arc Productions. Now, a trailer has been leaked onto YouTube by SnowflakeTH and here's my reaction to the trailer: 

As we all know the story, so far, a castle is to be restored by the Earl of Sodor, Sir Robert Norramby with his own engines, Millie, Stephen and the two American locomotives, which are not featured in the trailer. Andrew Brenner did stick with his word about researching on the TTTE Wikia with the location's names, just like in the new series of the show in series nine. 

Mille, so far, seems to be OK and Stephen does seem likeable as well. I don't know about the other characters that are to be featured, but so far, I believe the ones now look interesting. The most important thing now is the new animation. This movie won't be made by Nitrogen due to Greg Tiernan's decision and so the animation was moved to Arc Productions. I'll be honest, I feel mixed about the animation, it looks more like a video game or a too animated episode. But the people do look good like the Fat Controller and the Earl of Sodor and Spencer does look very Nitrogen studios like. But in my honest opinion, Nitrogen did the animation for the show better. But granted it is their first movie. But the faces of the engines still have the Nitrogen Studios feeling but it tends to be a bit brighter, much like the ones of 'Muddy Matters' DVD cover in the US, though that could be the contrast of the video. I'm not writing off the animation team's work here we have eight months till this movie's release in September so things might be different.

There are a few things I find different from Nitrogen's work. The grass looks more realistic and the smoke from the engines were done well and not that chunk of white that Nitrogen did. Plus the rails don't look chunky at all too. So there is somethings to look forward too. But I still think they can't top Nitrogen, but we'll have to wait and see how the animation is when its released. 

Plus the trucks look troublesome again and I think so far the story looks good and promising too and the theme music sounds more epic. But, I have to wait in mid/late 2013 for the movie's release. If you like to see the trailer, please click the link below: