Monday, 20 February 2012

S16 Ep: 5 Ho Ho Snowman

The first winter themed episode of the year since the outcry from parents, religious groups and older Thomas fans about the Winter Holiday/Christmas political correctness controversy last year. There are forthcoming episodes in this season with the term 'Christmas' (Salty's Surprise and The Christmas Express) and those will be up in many days to come. For people who didn't know about the PC protest last year, all is seen here with an open letter by Hilary Awdry, the daughter of the late Rev.W.Awdry, from the 'Daily Mail'.

Also England starts their transmission of the new series today on milkshake! with their special guest, the Fat Controller to start the new series, however most of them would've had a head start already. Today's episode that I'll be reviewing is:


Written by Sharon Miller
Directed by Greg Tirenan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Air Date:

Charlie loves the snow and decides to show Henry that snow really can be fun! He hides behind a huge snowman and as Henry rumbles past, Charlie pretends to be the snowman telling a joke!




- The trucks have returned with their faces, as Greg Tirenan kept his word
- The camera angles were nice
- Charlie got a lead role 
- The animation was stunning once again
- There is no mention of 'Winter Holiday' anywhere, only the word, 'Winter'.
- Henry's Driver is seen, opening the doors of Tidmouth Sheds.
- Charlie's snowman voice was funny to hear though and so was his face when he laughs
- No rhyming (only some from the narrator)
- A brake van was seen at the back of Henry's train, not the new ones unfortunately.

- Thomas and Charlie were shunting trucks on Gordon's Hill, what will happen if Henry was diverted on one of those tracks?
- Charlie's 'jokes' were never funny throughout this entire episode.
- Why would Henry be scared of a 'talking' snowman? Henry would've known that snowmen don't talk.

Well looks like this episode is on my list of the least favourite. I don't like Charlie (the character), his jokes are bland and obvious, but his snowman voice gave me a chuckle to be honest and he did get a lead role. When I first saw the title and then the plot, I thought of this, 'Then the snowman said to Henry: "Happy Birthday!"', if you don't get it, it is from the Rakin Bass 'Frosty The Snowman' movie. It's great seeing the trucks having their faces back, shame they didn't have a speaking role, I would like to hear their voices, maybe in the future series when Thomas & Friends are being animated by Arc. But this episode to me is just poor and is part on my list of least favourites.

Rating: 1/5 - I had a bad feeling about this episode in the first place.

Tomorrow: Flash, Bang, Wallop!

Cheers ;)